Stress Management

January 12, 2009
By Joseph Hansinger, Hartland, WI

There are a number of ways to thwart the unrelenting stress that occurs throughout your high school
career. This memo will offer you ten ways to eliminate that stress to make your student life more
enjoyable. "
Don't procrastinate. Procrastination is the number one stress provider in a
student's life. Get your homework done early and you don't have to worry about it anymore.
Friends. Everyone needs an outlet. If you feel stress has become too excruciating to handle
yourself, find some friends. Your stress will lessen exponentially if you have a support system.
Cry. High school can be a fretful experience. Homework, extracurricular activities, and
personal appearance, can create extreme amounts of stress. Succumb to your emotions and let all
that stress fall out your tear ducts. "
Sports. Sports are a much needed respite from
academics. It is a great way to put thoughts of school out of your mind. "
Movies and TV.
Cinematic experiences, especially comedies, allow you to escape from the stress in your own life, if
only for a couple of hours. "
Books. Just like watching movies, reading is a great way to
leave stress behind. "
Music. Send some emo screamo reverberating through your skull and your
stress simply disappears. "
Ice cream. Find yourself a remote part of the house and tear into
some Ben and Jerry's. You should feel happier after a carton of Chunky Monkey. "
Who understands better than Jesus? Going to church puts your teenage life into scope.
Hobbies. Collecting stamps, Dungeons and Dragons,
whatever you have to do to take your mind off school will relieve you of stress. I know at times it
seems that teachers hand out malignant assignments just to cause us stress. Well, now you have ten
ways of defending yourself from their ubiquitous malice. You should now be able to lead a more
enjoyable, stress-free teenage lifestyle.

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