I do and I don't Have It.

July 7, 2009
By AvrilLavignerocks BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
AvrilLavignerocks BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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What's with all the shouting,
all the yelling,all the crying?
What's with all the whinning
and the screaming?

What's the deal with arguing,
over-reacting, interupting,
or talking gross?

Why can't I be trusted,
not be bothered, not ignored?
Why can't I be carred for,
or maybe understood?

I want to be the center of the peace, of the quiet, understandment?
I want some of the calmness,
of the carring, of the trust.
But most of all I want the

I do and I don't Have It,
in two very different ways.

The author's comments:
im sure most people feel that they do and dont have what they want at the same time, but in different ways (emotionally AND phisically). Writing about my feelings also helps me get over stress.

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