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June 17, 2009
By randy knox BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Washington
randy knox BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Washington
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My dad used to smoke when I was a kid he thought that he was so cool when he started. So he started smoking. That’s really cool right. Wrong! All the girls in the schools looked discussed. Did he get the “wow let me try?” No! He did not he was not even cool. There were about four people that smoked with him. This is why I believe in not smoking.

My dad spent a lot of money on cigarettes. He smoked about two packs a day, and that was enough to make any one sick. Let me put that in to per perspective two packs a day is about ten dollars a day seventy dollars a week. That is really expensive. This is why I believe in not smoking.

My dad started to get wrinkles because he was smoking. I could see it; he also started brushing his teeth more because they got yellow. Smoking doesn’t make you beautiful; in fact it takes away your natural beauty. My dad thought that he would look like the guy on the ad. This is why I believe in not smoking.

Also if you smoke for long enough you can get cancer. Cancer takes about one thousand people from this earth a day. Also they smell so bad I hate the smell it makes me sick. Literally! So I hated it when my dad smoked. This is why believe in not smoking.

Life has its difficulties, its happiness, and its hard ship. We have to deal with it. If people would stop smoking then we would save about 1000 lives a day. There would also be no I’ve quit four times. Life would be a better place. This is why I believe in not smoking.

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this is what i belive

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