LIFE live it or lose it

June 8, 2009
By auddy-hotty BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
auddy-hotty BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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The concept of what you think should happen in your life will be judged. The way you look at someone with those eyes. It’s a pain to see him with her am I right, hey just know you tried your best to make the situation better. The grudge you hold against her will melt away it wasn’t her fault it isn’t his fault and it isn’t yours either. It’s all of your guys fault you made the decision, he made a decision and she made that split second decision, should I or should I not break this couple up. It’s a harsh world and life sucks at times. Sometimes people turn to suicide because they can’t handle it anymore. They can blame people or blame there self’s. This I know from experience, I have blamed myself for my parents splitting up and it’s haunted me ever since. My life is ugly and great I have been through hard times and good times. Everyone does , it’s the part of life we should hold forever. Breakups, makeups, love, hate relationships are all part of it

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