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May 19, 2009
By Jonathan Sanders BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Jonathan Sanders BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Everybody talks about how fast food is bad for you. But just how bad can eating a cheeseburger be? One McDonald’s cheeseburger contains 310 calories (the stuff that makes people fat). In order to stay healthy the average person must consume 2000 calories per day. Some of America’s favorite fast food items can really rack up the calories, tossing any new year’s resolutions out the window.

Starting with Wendy’s, this international fast food chain disguises the effects that its burgers can have by making a skinny little girl their logo. The baked potatoes average at 446 calories. The famous Wendy’s frosty contains 430 calories. And last but certainly not least, the new Baconator (while temptingly delicious) has 840 calories by itself. The combo meal packs in 1500 calories. Remember, that’s three quarters of a whole day’s food.

Moving on to Burger King, we start off with the big hitters. The double whopper with cheese, weighing in at 1010 calories alone, joins its combo deal buddies to pump you up with 1980 calories, along with 90 grams of fat. Keep in mind that to stay “healthy”, if you ate a double whopper combo meal, you couldn’t eat anything else (although there’s really nothing healthy about 90 grams of fat). If you thought the double whopper was impressive, check out the stats for the triple whopper (whopper fans, you might want to avert your eyes at this point). Alone, the triple whopper has 1230 calories, but a large coke and fries help it add up to 2200 calories. Looking for a little more taste? Switch out your coke with an 840 calorie chocolate shake, turning 2200 to a whopping 2k8’u
J620 calories.

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for, the Big Mac! In reality, it only contains 560 calories, and the combo deal only has 1390 calories. In fact, the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese is worse for you with 730 calories. Compared to the sandwiches listed above, the Big Mac really doesn’t make people fat as much as people think. Don’t get me wrong, the Big Mac still is bad for you with 55 grams of fat, but it’s not the worst burger out there. Many fast food restaurants are advertising new healthy food choices such as salads and fruit, but are still also promoting things like the whopper, so it is still to be seen how effective these new items are.

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