The Daydreamer

May 16, 2009
By Anonymous

She had only walked for a few minutes down the oceans shoreline, but the girl seemed to be lost. She stopped in her sandy tracks when she saw a boy playing in the glistening water beneath the peaceful moonlight. The audacious boy splashed around in the water as if he were a young child and it was his first time being in an ocean. The girl stared at the boy from a distance and seemed to be mesmerized by his happiness and peace in the gentle currents. She only wished that she had something that made her feel the way the boy appeared to her in the sparkling blue waves that night.
Kendra Ann Birch, a girl with icy baby blue eyes, often seemed to be caught in a different dimension in her dreams. She was a girl, who had a very creative mind when it came to writing and artwork, but when it came to her other academic classes; she became easily bored. On this particular day she was wearing a hot pink tank top that laid a little too close to her smooth olive skin, and a pair of Hollister shorts. Her feet were covered in the grainy white sand and her toenails painted with a soft rose petal pink nail polish. Kendra’s hair was a perfect chocolate brown color and it flew flawlessly in the soft gusts of wind behind her. She had on eye makeup that you would see Audrey Kitching wearing: the florescent bright purple and pink eye shadow mixed with the pitch-black mascara and eyeliner. Looking at her intently, she slightly swayed back and forth in the dusty white sand. The girl to me was as gorgeous as could be, but when you looked at her closely, you could tell something was just out of place.

I walked the shore alone that night and kept a secure eye on the young girl that stood by the oceans crashing waves. She kept still for a while and seemed to become nervous of my presence, but then reassured as the boy continued to play in the water in front of her. Her glazed over eyes seemed to get foggier and foggier as the minutes slowly passed by. When I started to let my view fade a little from the girl, I noticed that she was not just standing there alone but in a hard daydream. She was not acknowledging anything that moved by her, that was until the oceans cold spray hit her ankles and feet. Kendra then made a high pitched, but short scream of astonishment to what had just happened. She was unaware of anything that was going on around her, not even the boy in the ocean currents interested her the slightest bit anymore. She then went away again to the world on the other side of her imagination. This other world seemed to appear as a place where she fit in better, a place that she could be herself. The girl stood on the beach late that night in the moonlight, with the crashing waves around her ankles. This is when I saw a lost girl, a girl who was more in touch with her daydreams than the real world she was standing right in.

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