The World's Mistake

May 10, 2009
By Sarah. BRONZE, Somewhere, Alabama
Sarah. BRONZE, Somewhere, Alabama
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When people think of health, their minds usually turn to doctors, to teachers. Never have I personally witnessed someone jump to the conclusion of a pre-teen who was solely focused on the confusing subject. But here I am, writing this article. Health is a subject that fascinated me as a child, and fascinates me to this day. Your body is capable of so many things, but do we, as teenagers, care? Do we find ourselves snacking on carrot sticks and raisins? I think not. When I ask myself these questions, one sticks out in particular: did teenagers EVER care about their health? And then the answer comes: yes. Way back when, fast food was only imagined, not up and running. The ideas of potato chips and extra buttered popcorn were ignored. What went wrong? Did the world just turn to unhealthy food because it was cheap? No one may ever know. And it disgusts me to realize this- once upon a time, people only ate to stay alive. Their diets consisted of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and grains. They didn't have sour cream to dump on potatoes or chocolate fondue for bananas and strawberries. Now, however, people eat because it tastes good, because it's a pleasure. Forget global warming and pollution for a second. The reason we eat nowadays, I believe, is the world's real mistake.

The author's comments:
I began writing this short story about one year ago. It was intended to be kept to myself, but after finishing the piece, I thought readers would enjoy reading it. I hope you get the message;

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