Don't Know What Happaned

April 22, 2009
By Sweet-Blood BRONZE, San Benito, Texas
Sweet-Blood BRONZE, San Benito, Texas
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Staring in the mirror I see a person I do not know. I remember the old days when i had not a care in the world, but now that's all changed. I sometimes get scared of what i've become. Your probally wondering what i'm talking about well right down to the point i'm talking about being over-weight and how the struggle for teen obesity continues to rise. I stay up at night crying, because i'm 30 pounds over-weight and can't lose the weight. Sometimes I can't get up, I can't play with my little brother, and I can't do the things i love to do anymore. I used to be a perfect weight, but as life went on worries with high school, getting a job, and trying to concentate on getting into a good college. I was so pre-occupied that i didn't consider taking care of my health. Now I regret it, because I am scared that one day i'll be to heavy to even move at all. My family and people at school won't leave me alone about my weight and all the things the say hurt really bad, because they don't see what I go through everyday. I feel like a fallen angel and that my angel wings won't lift me up they just bring me down.

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