Out of Control..

March 23, 2009
By cydney nance BRONZE, Hawthorne, California
cydney nance BRONZE, Hawthorne, California
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I remember starting off at 120 pounds at the age of 12. Looking back, I realize how skinny I was, everyone certainly told me I was skinny, I just didn't feel it. I thought I was fat, in fact I'd critisize myself daily on my weight, but when did I finally decide to "do something about about it"?

It was lunch time at school and I was wolfing down a chili cheese dog, when my friends told me, "Hey take it easy, wouldn't want you to blow up like a balloon". Although I knew it was a joke, I didn't take it lightly. When it came to dinner time, I decided I wouldn't eat, I just swished around the finely sliced pieces of meat all around my plate. That's when it all began, I started to like the feeling of hunger, not that I actually liked it, but it made me feel better thinking the pounds were shedding. Not only was I scary skinny, my grades were dropping drastically, and home and school life was on a limb.My friends started to get worried about me, they knew something was wrong, and so did my family. They started taking me to all these doctors and therapists so I could get help. They thought the treatment would help, but it just made me feel like a robot.

Now I'm healthier than ever, I'm 15 now, weighing at 120,again. Even though I'm still underweight, I'm way better than I used to be. I went from 120 to 100 to 93, but now I'm healthy.

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