March 20, 2009
By Anonymous

It is not fair to let someone suffer for what they don’t deserve. We cannot imagine the error of judgment that lies ahead of us. How would you feel if a close relative of yours is suffering cause of a lack of judgment of a doctor that came upon that individual? How doctors can let it happen without knowing all the facts of his results? Because the lack of interest of the doctors, now a life is in risk and its life is shorten drastically.
We can say that a life is precious that a life of a father is nothing like any other. Like as well as a mother to a daughter, and a father to a son. Family is one of the important things that keep this world alive. However, what if that bond of mother and daughter or that bond of father and son is broken, cause of an error of judgment. Can that certain child of that love face that challenge what lie ahead of them. We don’t know what cause this way of error. However we cannot predict the outcome of this event either.
To face the fact that a love one of yours is going through a disease that cannot be cured is a drastic one to face up too in the real world. The only question is if anyone is prepared to face the drastic change that occurs in their lives. Can anyone accept that change that they are about to face in real life, do we have the strength or the self-esteem to bring fear into reality?
A father that gave his life to a son that he loved so dearly. A father like that is unique in a parent. That took care of a son all by himself since that age of eight. To see a father like that is a miracle that came upon this world that we know now. To see the reality of a father that gave his son everything that he wanted, and educated him to the best of his abilities. To raise a son like if it was gold to him, and never letting him out of his side. Refusing any help from any federal help from the government. If every parent was like him this world wouldn’t be like as we know it today. To hear the words of a father that gave his life to a son that is what this world need to know. There is a father that is that unique as a parent. However, there are lots of others that are the same that are unique as parent. To tell a life of a father that of his uniqueness is very rare from a father. That we love dearly, and that we love with all of our hearts. We praise for a father like his kind. We all wish that nothing drastic that would occur to that father that we hold dear in our hearts.

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