The Cigerette problem

March 18, 2009
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If I could rule the world I would make people stop smoking. The reason is smoking is very bad and it affects all the people around it. I saw a TV show that talked about smoking. The announcer said that someone who doesn't smoke has a lower chance of getting cancer than a person who is with a person who smokes. The doctor said in the cigarette, there is often a filter that blocks half of smoke in a cigarette to the smoker but someone who is with a person who smokes doesn't have that filter so these people breathe in about eighty percent of the smoke. It is hard to avoid smoke.

The doctor did tests and the result was the average person who smokes gets cancer at the age of seventy, but some who was around a person who smoked got cancer at the age sixty. When I saw this, I was kind of shocked. I realized how dangerous it is to be around someone who smokes.

A lot of people said it’s hard to stop smoking. This includes my dad. I think my whole family will get cancer because of my dad. To avoid this problem I want my dad to smoke outside so that I don't get cancer.

In addition, these days a lot of people are throwing away their cigarettes in the streets. This can damage the environment. The chemical inside the cigarette can spread into the ground and end up in the sea. These chemicals can kill a lot of plants and animal. Usually a person throws away their cigarette packs too and includes the plastic. The plastic doesn't break down naturally. By just throwing away a pack of cigarettes it causes a lot of different problems.

If I could rule the world, the first thing I’d do is eliminate smoking. I think everybody should stop smoking and people should not even start it.

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Yareli L. said...
Sept. 28, 2010 at 6:19 pm
you are right why do people smoke i wish they could stop..and for other people who dont smoke..why start. i agree with you
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