It's Not Worth It

March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Are drugs really worth it? Last year, 8692 teens died from a drug related cause according to the EMCDDA. For what drugs can really do to you, why take the chance of hurting your self, maybe to the extent of death? Using drugs could become a permanent solution for a temporary problem.
Students at my School and others around the U.S.A know how harmful drugs are from their peers and teachers. Yet they still resort to them for a way to "get away" from a normal persons life
Teen Help U.S.A claims that 20% of eighth graders reported they have tried marijuana from a resent study. Shocking numbers only if these students knew what they are really putting in to their bodies. THC is the main ingredient in marijuana. This chemical attaches to the limbic system in the brain. This part of your brain controls the response to pain, emotions, and regulates aggressive behavior. When that breath of smoke travels to your lungs it triggers the limbic system and provides the body with irregular feelings." These students are most likely to get a "D" in class states the organization Live Above the Influence. Theses students could undergo short-term memory loss, decrease in brain cells, quadruple the chance of a heart attack and double the chance of lung cancer. Now, if you where apart of the 20% of eighth graders that have tried marijuana would you think twice about trying it again?
Imagine you're all alone at a park with your friends. You went there to hangout, maybe meet back at someone’s house later and watch a movie. Everything was going great but in a split second it all transformed. One of your friends pulls out something that simply takes your breath away. Your eyes widen with horror. "No, no, wait, don't, what are you thinking," you start to stutter and scream, so scared, and not sure the words don't ever pass thought your lips correctly. “It’s only a cigarette,” your friend explains,” want one?” “No, what are you doing this to your self?”
There are many reasons why teens use drugs. For example, stress and depression are the most substantial reasons why teens get involved in drugs. Although drugs don’t reduce stress or fix problems. Another reason is teens want to look “cool.” Also some male teens want to look muscles to impress the ladies. However, they seem to have forgotten about the gym, so they resort to steroids. Steroids will result in you having acne and “man breasts”. There is no reason for you to take drugs. There is no reason for you to take drugs. Why hurt your body?

My cousin David did do drugs. In his future was clearly death. My family sent him to a rehabilitation center for two months to break his addition. Before this I could see first hand his life slowing down as the clock ticked. It was like water running though a funnel. His life started out big full of options and gradually got smaller and finally slipping away all because of the death trap labeled drugs. I always fantasized why he did that. He could have killed him self. Why take the chance? Drugs only cover up a problem. They don’t heal it.

Are all drugs bad? Of course not. Doctors proscribe patients with drug every. These drugs are called antibiotics. This is a medicine that inhabits the growth of or destroys microorganisms. Used properly antibiotics can save lives by attacking infection that the body can’t fight alone. Simplifying Healthcare Administration declared that antibiotics are the # 1 drugs only if used correctly.

The foolish teens that convert their life to an abnormal way the usage of drugs are mindless of their futures. They could become world renowned doctors, professors, or stars on the red carpet. But they are throwing all of that away. Before you do anything in life stop-are you making the right decision?

At my Middle School teachers and groups here such as peer leaders model the saying, “Live Above The Influence.” I too strongly promote that this is the right thing to model as well. You only have one life with the killer tagged as drugs. There are so many drugs that are simply calling teen’s names such as alcohol, crystal meth, marijuana, weed, crack cocaine, tobacco, steroids, and heroine. The end of the road for all of these is common death. Walk away from them proud, confident, and above the influence. For what drugs can really do to you, why take the chance of hurting your self, maybe to the extent of death. It is not worth the risk. One life, live it to the fullest and be proud the be above the influence.

The author's comments:
My family inspired me to write this editorial. My family has want though some very hard time in the topic of drugs the last month. I wanted to write this to say going in to high school that I am and always will be drug free. I will always follow what I think is best for me and walk away from drugs proud.

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