March 11, 2009
By Tony Quezada BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
Tony Quezada BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
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Some students are in a hurry to get to school in the mornings so they don’t have any time to eat breakfast. They go to school on an empty stomach which causes them not to concentrate on their studies. Our school helps out this situation by providing breakfast for students who want to buy it. Our school should continue serving breakfast.
Some people say that they don’t eat the school’s food or that it’s a hassle for the lunch ladies to prepare the breakfast for the students. However the school’s breakfast program offers other items other than the food that is cooked by the lunch ladies’. For instance, they offer fruit, yogurt, and juices so that students who do not like the lunch ladies cooking can choose from those options.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. “After 8–12 hours with no meal or snack, breakfast is your body’s first chance to refuel its glucose levels. Glucose is the brain’s primary energy source, and is essential for brain functioning.” Some students don’t have breakfast because they do not have enough time. Without breakfast they concentrate more on wanting to eat something rather than what they are being taught. This situation is solved because the school gives the students the option of paying for a healthy breakfast at school.
The breakfast program that our school has is convenient for students because they only have time to get ready for school so they don’t have enough time to eat breakfast. The breakfast program also makes the school money because you have to pay cash for your breakfast.
In conclusion it is a win-win situation; the school makes money and the students get a healthy breakfast in the mornings.

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