Anxiety: Good or Bad for You?

March 3, 2009
By Dominic COnti BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
Dominic COnti BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Anxiety is the nervous feeling you get about certain things you do. Anxiety to most people is a bad thing and has no positive effect; I think differently. The reason I think this is because it can get you pumped for a special event. Anxiety could also maybe give you a completely different feeling than the nervous feeling, it could give you the feeling that you can do this easy and just treat it like a normal situation. Don’t be afraid of what will happen, just live your life the way you want to.

Anxiety for the most part to people is a felling of unsureness towards a fear that they have. Some people maybe afraid of interviewing celebrities, teachers, classmates, or even new friends. Other people maybe afraid of getting interviewed and their comments getting published or showed on the news or TV. If a person with anxiety of getting out in front of a crowd never goes out and tries to face their fear of that; they will never find out that they can do it if they put their mind to it. Having a negative anxiety maybe a good thing for someone cause it gets them to face their fears and learns that there was nothing to be afraid of in the first place.

Anxiety for a small amount of people can have a positive felling on a person. The positive of anxiety is getting pumped up for something such as a championship game or a big event in one’s life. People that have positive anxiety at times, may have fears of the outcome but just don’t show what they are feeling. Other people show what they think the outcome will be like whether or not they will win or if they do something embarrassing in the event. At other time positive anxiety will get a person wrapped up in a certain thing. For example, if you are competing in a state championship game you might make a ridiculous hat or shirt or something supporting your team saying that you won. If you win you got lucky you made it and if you lose you feel like an idiot. Positive anxiety is sometimes not good for you, but it is also good to be pumped up or ready for things.

For a very small, special group of daredevils they have no fears and will do anything. This small group of people sometimes never has anxiety if they do something over and over again in their lifetime. People that do stunts and crazy things such as jumping cars on a motorcycle usually don’t have a nervous feeling before they do, they just do it. Having no anxiety can be a good thing if you want it to be. You could make the best of it and do all sort of daredevil tricks. But having no anxiety could also be bad, because if you go through your life without fear than your life would be kinda boring. The reason that your life would be boring is because you would have nothing to fear and nothing would scare so you probably wouldn’t have a lot of excitement in your life.

To tie everything together anxiety is both positive and negative and good and bad for you. Anxiety is how we make it through things we don’t want to do and the more we do it the less amount if anxiety we have towards it. So in other words the more you face your fears the more they become part of our daily life. Anxiety is gives us excitement in our lives today.

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