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Welcome the Future with Open Arms

July 8, 2019

In 20 years time a child with cancer won’t need to worry because the nanobots will find and destroy the cancer cells and need as much time for this process as you needed to read this article till now and she will be notified with a message on the phone that she had cancer but the nanobots handled it already.

Hopefully in 10 years will be nanobots swimming in your bloodstream which keep you from getting ill. They will swim inside of you like molecules and will make sure that you have a long and healthy life. 

Nano is in our modern world not anymore considered as special We made big steps in artificial intelligence and small technologies but now scientists want to take it a step further in the form of a nanobot.

What are nanobots?

Nanobots are tiny medical bots as small as a molecule which can travel through your whole body. Through you're bloodstreams and can detect for example cancer cells and with their little tools and their medicins they can destroy the cells presice without destroying healthy cells like in chemotherapy or interleukin 2.

Nanobots injections

According to the IFLScience website, there are already test with DNA robots in the human body happening they can already move around and seek for cancer cells in your body. If the Human trials accomplish the nanobots would be revolutionary for cancer and other cell researches 8.9 million people die per year caused by cancer. Cancer detection and eradication is not the only thing that these small heroes can do: According to “interesting engineering” nanobots will be able to reduce plaque in veins, solve dietary issues, along with a whole slew of other medical uses. Nanobots could be also used to protect our body from illness and symptoms and give these pieces of information on a cloud and also small diseases like a fever could be handled through the nanobots.

Take Action

Take action and become one of the first cyborgs and benefit from the infinite advantages of nanobots.

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