mommys little angel

April 27, 2009
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it was a dark and snowy night.everyone's watching television and drinking hot cocoa.she gets up and head straight for the bathroom.all of a sudden there's a splash and a loud scream that shook the house.everyone runs to the bathroom with a shocked look on their face.someone goes to the phone.10 minutes go by.then boom boom boom its the ambulance.they open the door still trying to calm her down.the screaming grows louder as she's rushed to the hospital.breath deep and push.but nothing she's in the hospital bed.she tries to push again.still nothing.they wipe the sweat off her face as she grab onto their hand tight.breath and push.hours go by and nothing.she sips a drink of water,take a deep breath and's a girl!finally out comes a 5 pound 9 and a half ounce baby.he doctor takes a blanket and wraps it around the newborn.she hand the baby to the mom and smile because of the joy in her eyes.after everyone held the baby the doctor came back and asks for the child's name.she look around at everyone for a moment.then says Stefany,alicia-rose,that' what she named her because that's mommy's little angel.

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shadaysias said...
Jul. 20, 2009 at 4:22 am
i love my mom.she is my hero
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