My fight with Shingles and ghost pain

April 22, 2009
By Jessica Overfield BRONZE, Spangdahlem, Other
Jessica Overfield BRONZE, Spangdahlem, Other
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My fight with shingles.
I was in the fifth grade and for two weeks I have been gettng pain on my scalp. So, one night when we left to the E.R. since I woke up crying. The doctor came out saying that I had shingles. So he gave me tylenol #3 which got my pain away. But the same exact time the next year, I've been getting shocks in my head, but worse. So I went back to the doctors and they said that I had only the ghost pain of shingles since I didn't have little goosebumps like before.They gave me the medicine again and I got purple polka dots on my chin. My brother called me Barney. It was really creepy since they didn't know what caused it. But the medicine didn't work so until I got an appointment at a really busy and great hospital, I had to wear a hat for the entire sixth grade. In June I finally went to the great hospital and even the neurologist didn't know what it was so he called his colleage and he said to take medicine that was Lyrica. And it has worked out ever since. But if I don't take it, I'll get shocks in my head.
All of the doctors said that I may have the ghost pain of Shingles for the rest of my life.

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