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Here are the most recent environment articles:

An Answer This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Robert Frost writes in his poem “A Question,” published in 1942: A voice said, Look me in the stars And tell me truly, men of earth, If all the soul-and-body scars Were not too much to pay for birth. Frost was an... (more »)
Trees This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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There are many different types of trees, And they all have names: Spruce Pine Birch So on and so forth. But isn’t it more fun to Ignore the names And describe the trees as they are? With broad leaves, their spindly veins... (more »)
The Valley of Kings This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Every rock and ditch we ride over makes me nauseous. Will this drive ever end? My cell phone has no reception, and I feel disconnected from the technology-driven society I am familiar with. As I arrive at my destination, relief replaces my... (more »)
Pollution: The World's Secret Killer
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Do you enjoy going outside and enjoying the crisp fresh air? Around the world some people can’t enjoy the fresh air or just clean water. There has always been a need for protecting the environment and reducing pollution but its getting... (more »)
Animal Euthanization is Wrong
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Have you ever gone to the animal shelter and see an animal and then the next time you go that animal is gone, well either that animal got adopted or it got euthanized.  Animal shelters should not euthanized as many animals as they do.... (more »)
Dinosaur Trees!
Did you know that prehistoric plants and animals have been secretly living among us for over 10 million years? Just recently scientists have discovered the linkages between these modern species and their prehistoric relatives. Take the... (more »)
The Plight of Lake Baikal
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It is older than humans by 22.5 million years. It holds 20% of the world's unfrozen freshwater. What is this amazing place? Lake Baikal. It is the 7th largest lake and holds more water than all the Great Lakes combined. However, Lake Baikal... (more »)
Are Superfund Sites Truly Being Cleaned?
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“Superfund” sites are some of the most polluted areas of our country. An important one, Rocky Flats,  a mere sixteen  miles from Denver, Colorado. Rocky Flats has a particularly dark history as a nuclear weapon production... (more »)
Are Carbon Emissions Polluting the Environment?
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You all may know about carbon emissions and how they produce most of our energy, but what you may not know is that we should not be putting that much carbon emissions into the air.  This has now become a problem due to climate changes.  Some... (more »)
Slaughterhouses have been around for a long time. They bring us our meat that we eat. But we have to ask ourselves, are Slaughterhouses human? No! they are not. We also need to ask ourselves, are we killing them for food or for fun?... (more »)
Are Humans the Cause of Global Warming?
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There is a major problem in our world today, a big one--global warming.  This is a problem affecting the entire world.  Many scientists have been trying to solve this problem, but to solve it, we need to know the cause.  Some say... (more »)
Animal Testing
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There is a huge problem going on right now not just in the U.S. but the whole world, and that is if animals should be used for testing. Some people say that it is fine to use animals for testing. This problem has been going on for decade’s.... (more »)
Commercial Fishing
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One problem that’s being hotly debated all over the world is the issues of commercial fishing. Some say that fishing is all for us and we should keep fishing until its all gone. While protesters say that the fish will be gone if we... (more »)
Animal Neglect Needs to Stop
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Did you know over 1,880 cases of animal cruelty cases were submitted in 2007? When most people witness animal cruelty, they will report it and feel devastated. It’s that few percent that keep animal neglect around. There are stories that... (more »)
Environmental Problem
By , Princteon Junction, NJ
Are we doing a good job to protect the environment? Many people will say yes because of the “Green” organizations like the WNO (World Nature Organization)  or like ESGP( Earth System Environmental Project) actively involved... (more »)
Bottled Water
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I am for bottled water. Water bottles are good because in general I think people need it. Its cleaner and better tasting and you can use the recycled plastic for other everyday materials. People need water because we need it to survive.... (more »)
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