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Most Recent Environment Articles

Here are the most recent environment articles:

Feral Cats
By , Arabi, LA
New Orleans has one of the largest feral cat populations in the United States with approximately 350,000 cats living on the streets. A litter of kittens usually ranges between two to five kittens, so it is easy for feral cat populations to... (more »)
Climate Change
By , Dallas, TX
Our environment on Earth has been going under dramatic changes.  These changes in our environment are being mentioned in the news and through word of mouth.  However, there are people around the world who are unable to get hold of... (more »)
The Controversy of Zoos
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Zoos are the seemingly educational and entertaining attractions that have recently been shown to have negative effects on the animals living there. Believe it or not, the small enclosures full of colorful wallpaper and little space tend to hurt... (more »)
Fur Is Dead
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Consider for a moment the source of clothing items such as leather boots, or fur jackets. Many people do not think about the origin of their clothes. However, on closer examination, it is easy to see that these particular items of clothing are... (more »)
The Need for Speed
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Numbed from pain and fired up on performance-enhancing drugs, hundreds of racehorses die on the track every year from fractured legs, torn ligaments, and heart attacks. While steroids and the use of other drugs are banned in many sports... (more »)
Can't Find Nemo
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I remember watching the movie “Finding Nemo” many times on the television when I was a little girl. I was always mesmerized by the unique fish and brightly colored coral of the Great Barrier Reef, which the movie presented. What... (more »)
The Cost of Ocean Acidification
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As a child, I spent most many summers playing on the beaches of the Jersey shore. I loved the warm blanket of sand, the shrill cawing of the seagulls, and most of all, I loved the ocean blue. I still get that warm, melting feeling of... (more »)
Energy Efficiency/Waste
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Energy efficiency and minimizing waste are two environmental concerns today that are controversial topics today when it comes to our earth and how we are treating it. Energy efficiency deals with using less energy for a service (Clark, 2012)... (more »)
Louisiana: No Longer the Iconic Boot-Shaped State
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 A portion of Southeast Louisiana, roughly the size of Delaware, has been lost to the Gulf of Mexico, making every modern map of the famous boot-shaped outline a lie.  The United States may soon have to say good-bye to one of its top... (more »)
Should Zoos Be Legal?
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Imagine playing with your family and all of a sudden being kidnapped. When you wake up you’re in a prison cell separated from your family, to make it worse there are people observing you all day everyday. This is what zoo animals had to... (more »)
Snow Can’t Go
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Everyone loves a snow day. Waking up late, seeing the beauty of the pure white snow masking the imperfections of the world. Although snow does not occur everywhere, it is concerning to notice how less abundant it has become in current winters.... (more »)
Detecting the Level of Air Pollution: A Digital...
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There are a few particle monitoring programs implemented in the US, such as AirNow and the IMPROVE (Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments); however, these two are limited to certain locations and use professional laboratory... (more »)
Saving the Evironment
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Have you ever considered how your house receives electricity? How about the way your cars are able to drive? You might answer fossil fuels, in which you would be correct. However are you aware that these fuels are causing massive amounts of air... (more »)
Animal Shelters
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When a pet is no longer wanted, many owners turn towards their local shelters, hoping a better home will be provided for their animal companions. Some animal shelters are marvelous places, while others are absolutely dreadful dumps.... (more »)
Farming Goes Vertical
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As of today, the human population on Earth numbers almost 7.5 billion, and it is still growing. As the lifeline of our survival, the agricultural industry has been able to keep up with the demands of our growth. Since the turn of the century,... (more »)
Fixing Extinction Efficiently
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The world is filled with millions of different species of animals and plants. Each species has specific characteristics that others do not. From the Ailuropoda melanoleuca (Giant panda) to the Anisoptera (dragonfly). Humankind has always been... (more »)
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