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Most Recent Environment Articles

Here are the most recent environment articles:

GMOs: What Do You Know? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
Frankenfood. GM-No. Teenage Mutant Ninja Soybeans. Such is the typical consumer’s opinion of genetically modified, or GM, produce. So when I first heard about GM food, I was intrigued – but also more than a little skeptical. Change... (more »)
The Quest to Eradicate Malaria This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Malaria, a parasitic infection transmitted by the night-biting female Anopheles mosquito, is still causing significant deaths in the tropics and sub-tropics; approximately 3.2 billion people are exposed to the illness every year. The World... (more »)
Help Save the Animals
Animals in slaughterhouses are treated so cruelly most people choose to turn a blind eye to it.  People go vegetarian for many different reasons.  The reason most people make the decision is to save animals from the pain they will... (more »)
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Twist and turn I can't seem to get it right I spent hours awake, no sleeping at night The puzzle is tricky but I know I can do the amazing invention, but I need to stay cool I lay my head, just for a second, but when I wake up,... (more »)
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Did you know that transportation causes 56% of air pollution (Rashidi, Rameshat, Gharib)? Furthermore, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development imported that the United States is the largest consumer of energy in terms of... (more »)
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 “Earth was created for all life, not just human life.” Poaching is the illegal hunting, killing or capturing of wild animals. Poaching and wildlife crimes are some of the top reasons many species join the endangered species list every... (more »)
How Many Animals Will You Kill in 2015?
When you are taking a bite of your delicious burger. Remember one thing... An animal had to die so you can have that juicy piece of meat. Around eight billion animals are killed in the U.S. so humans can have food every year. This number is... (more »)
Scientific Testing Using Animals No Longer...
Picture this, your home is a filthy, cramped cage in a room surrounded by other cramped cages. Every day you wake up to hear the screams and pained moans of your fellow prisoners as they are tortured in the name of science. You fear and tremble... (more »)
The Environment Beats All
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In today’s world, we have so much war, violence, politics, celebrities, and so many other human created things that we don’t take the time to think about our environment. We wouldn’t be able to do everything we do today without our... (more »)
Solar Panel Car
Look dad gas has dropped to less than $2.20 per gallon; can we go to Florida now? Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to wait for gas prices to drop and we could just drive wherever, whenever? What if you didn’t need to plug... (more »)
Environmental Effects of Consumerism
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We cannot look out a window without seeing pure abundance all around us, nor can we look in our homes without abundance meeting our eyes. We have everything we need and more. Then upon venturing out a little from home, one’s met with the... (more »)
A Day on the Job
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Walking down those long, oddly-placed steps to work, I can smell the thick aroma of beer and hotdogs. Then it clicks in my head, today's the tournament where you pay $50 and get to play golf and drink as much beer as you possibly can. Kegs... (more »)
Carbon Dioxide: The Arctic's Killer
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Most people don’t realize - or just refuse to acknowledge - that global warming is happening. It has been scientifically proven that Earth’s atmosphere is increasing in temperature, whether you believe it or not. People say,... (more »)
To Harvest or Not to Harvest
The goliath grouper has become a very hot topic recently in the state of Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has been receiving many complaints about goliath groupers bugging divers and being a... (more »)
Today's World for a Dog is "Ruff"
3.9 million. Imagine the house one could get with that amount of money. Imagine how many pennies that would be if they were dropped into a fountain. 3.9 million. Unfortunately, this number is not a positive one. 3.9 million. This number... (more »)
Empty Tides
Swoosh, rolls a wave over the city. It’s inhabitants duck into their dwellings. The corals toss, then their inhabitants drift back out. The city reaches out as the sun fills the water. Swoosh, another wave rolls over. The atmosphere is... (more »)
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