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Here are the most recent environment articles:

Overpopulation on Earth
By , Scottsdale, AZ
In the early 1960’s the population hit the three-billion-mark, which was crazy. Three billion people, try to imagine that amount of people in one place. Then imagine six billion people in the same place, which was the world population in... (more »)
Writing an Essay an Hour Before It's Due This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Zoe M.'s article, "Writng an Essay an Hour Before It's Due" is completely relatable. I agree with her viewpoint because, as a high school stuudent who experiences procrastination on a daily basis, it is easily relatable. She... (more »)
Unethical Cruelty in Zoos
By , Phoenix, AZ
“We have been born into a society that accepts animals in zoos as commonplace but the invention of the zoo dates back thousands of years — to an era when people who looked different were also put on display” (Animals Australia). It has... (more »)
The Greenhouse Effect
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Have you ever heard someone say that Venus is Earth’s twin planet? Universally this phrase refers to the planets’ nearly equivalent size and masses. However, what most people don’t know, is that Earth isn’t too far from... (more »)
Forget About Saving the Planet: Let’s Be More...
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We don’t need to save the earth. Seriously. No matter what humans do, the planet is going to be just fine. I’m a teenage environmental activist, community organizer, and plaintiff on one of the Youth vs. Government lawsuits where youth are... (more »)
World Buzz This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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What do the words black, yellow, and endangered have in common? They all describe the important anthophila – more commonly known as the bee. If you didn’t already know, bees are going extinct, and their endangerment is not to be... (more »)
Did You Say "Penguin"?
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 It would be a relatively safe bet that, before reading this sentence, the word “pangolin” had never entered your vocabulary. Billions of dollars are spent each year, in the U.S. alone, on the protection and awareness of... (more »)
Into Nature's Good Tidings
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Nature... You never really understand or truly ever appreciate the word. For some it’s an unfamiliar and foreign ideology. As a 16 year old girl coming from war torn Afghanistan, nature is neither a strong source of pride or contentment in... (more »)
Learning from Nature
By , Irvine, CA
After a heavy rain pounded the dripping wet floors, the air was fresh with radiant coolness and life from the juicy waters flowed into the gorgeous flora. I was in Switzerland, traveling with my family for three weeks, and learned valuable life... (more »)
Recipe (for disaster)
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A stolen page from Mother Nature’s cookbook. Recipes (for Disaster) 1. Toxic Seafood Stew Humanity will face a critical juncture where it decides the future of its kind. To aid them in executing their choice, I have compiled a... (more »)
Global Warming
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One of the biggest problems today the world is facing is global warming. It is severe threat to our environment. Global warming causes has many reasons. Our earth is gradually warming up, it is due to global warming. It is caused due to... (more »)
Animals Coexist
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Each one of us has a personal responsibility to our planet. We have this one planet and it's time we stop taking it for granted. Anthony Douglas Williams says "The earth is large enough for all of us to share, but mankind's heart is not large... (more »)
A Powerful Solution
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Everything runs on some form of energy: humans, cars, and lights are only a few examples. Energy is vital, yet some forms such as natural gas and fossil fuels are being rapidly depleted at high costs at the expense of the environment. Nuclear... (more »)
Beer Cans In the Upper Peninsula
By , Clarkston, MI
About 4 times a year I go to the Upper Peninsula, also called the UP to spend time with my family with little or no electronics. Last time I went up, I noticed multiple beer cans scattered on the sides of the road from people passing by and... (more »)
By , Pepper Pike, OH
Pollution is one of the most talked about topics and is still one of the biggest problems we have in our world. Pollution can cause harmful impacts to  Earth, it can be a harmful factor in a person's life, and has a big impact on our... (more »)
How to Help the Environment
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For years, the world has changed. We have gone from riding horses to driving cars. From walking to taking the train to flying in the air. Transportation has greatly improved and people have traveled much farther distances and more frequently as... (more »)
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