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Hurricane Irma
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From August 30th until September 16 of the year 2017, Hurricane Irma was the center of the world’s attention. People argued about the cause of the huge and catastrophic category 5 hurricane and who was exactly responsible for it and for... (more »)
Earth Is Becoming Plastic
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Earth will become plastic if we don’t stop. That said, there are a lot of theories supporting the fact that Earth is becoming more and more plastic. Basically, this is a really huge threat for Earth and it will keep growing excessively,... (more »)
Animal Rights
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There is an overwhelmingly large amount of animal cruelty happening in the world everyday. Animal cruelty is both the intentional and unintentional infliction of harm or suffering caused to any animal.  Some forms of animal cruelty are... (more »)
Bee the Change
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The sun is filling the sky with radiant yellow and gold on this frosty, California morning and most swimmers are lining behind the pool entrance. They are stealing glares between the bars hoping to catch a brief glimpse of a lifeguard that will... (more »)
Climate Change Can and Must Be Stopped
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Imagine yourself putting on gas mask hat stops you from breathing polluted air. Everyday you must put the mask on to go to school. The future can be a better place without Global Warming in our way. Climate change can be stop and must be stop... (more »)
The Saiga
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“When we lose an animal species to extinction, we lose a part of our family.” (Anthony Douglas Williams) An endangered species is a group of classified animals that the population is declining to a number that there will soon be... (more »)
Making Choices
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We all have daily choices to make. Some are minor, some are life-changing, not so often fortunately . How do I decide? Can I make it any better? Go with your gut. In other words, just be rational. Daily life choices like choosing which... (more »)
Animal Experimentation Should Be Banned
By , Houston, TX
Many believe animals are man’s best friend. But do scientists feel the same too? Apparently they believe animals are experiments to benefit our lives. Thousands of animals, even up to millions, are breeded into experimentation. They apply... (more »)
Global Warmng
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 Have you ever wondered why the weather is so hot lately,or why it is so difficult to predict weather or climate change ? It is all because of global warming. Global warming is an environmental problem that causes gradual increase in the... (more »)
The Negative Effect of Global Warming
By , Houston , TX
Bang!!! You hear that? That’s the sound of melting ice falling. This is due to climate change or as many people know as, global warming. Global warming is the gradual increase in overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere... (more »)
Global Waring Is a Threat to Mankind
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While my dad drove me to school, I noticed a column of smoke billowing in the distance. As the car got closer, I was shocked. The column of smoke was coming from a factory, which was surrounded by a river filled with dead fish. For the first... (more »)
Mobile phones
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Lets all ask ourselves a vital question, how many hours can you spend without your smartphone? Or can u spend without a whole day without it? Considering that most adults and teens are addicted to their phones, 67% of smartphone owners have... (more »)
Global Warming Is an Issue
By , louisville, KY
Global warming is a big issue. Imagine you are taking a vacation and driving through a highway going 70 miles per hour with carbon dioxide spewing out of the tailpipe. You probably do not think where that carbon dioxide is going. You see an... (more »)
Endangered Animals
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Why  are  animal  endangered? Animals  became  endangered  because  we  kill  them  for  food,  fun,  and  some  people  think  it’s  cool. ... (more »)
Overpopulation on Earth
By , Scottsdale, AZ
In the early 1960’s the population hit the three-billion-mark, which was crazy. Three billion people, try to imagine that amount of people in one place. Then imagine six billion people in the same place, which was the world population in... (more »)
Writing an Essay an Hour Before It's Due This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Zoe M.'s article, "Writng an Essay an Hour Before It's Due" is completely relatable. I agree with her viewpoint because, as a high school stuudent who experiences procrastination on a daily basis, it is easily relatable. She... (more »)
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