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Most Recent Environment Articles

Here are the most recent environment articles:

Why Veganism
By , desert hot springs, CA
Why becoming vegan is a healthy option for you. Becoming vegan has many benefits, like being healthy, look younger, and become stronger. Also it will benefit many men and women by looking younger at a certain age. How much do you know about the... (more »)
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Reaction to “Food-INC” Documentary
By , Long Island, NY
My first reaction was, what has this world come to?!? It was mind boggling and insane. The film was divided into categories. From these categories I found some facts more profound than others. For example, the company Monsanto and their secretive... (more »)
An Elephant's Tear
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Stolen from your mother. Carried away from the land you call home. The last specs of blue sky fade away, consumed by towering concrete walls colored in a mundane gray, sucking the very light from the sun. Spiked chains dig into your leg, sending... (more »)
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Mother Earth This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
We rip out our flaws straight from our skin, unraveling our very own strings like old scarves We tear out blemishes grown on our faces, with scratches from bristles attempting to hide them But we shouldn't have to change our figure to become... (more »)
Colony Collapse Disorder This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Walking in my front door after a long evening in the library, I was immediately pelted by a rolled-up magazine. “Read it. It's interesting,” my older brother shouted from the couch as I reached down to pick up the latest issue of Time. I... (more »)
Green Crusader
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The rolling sand dunes stretched as far as the eye could see, reaching from the eastern horizon to the western skyline. I was in Inner Mongolia, standing on what was once lush green pastureland in the realm of Genghis Khan. Time treated the land... (more »)
Our Tragedies are our strengths
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Many people fall down and go through great losses in life. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from your experiences and build upon them to make your life much easier. The Tibetan saying, “Tragedy should be utilized as a... (more »)
Disasters that Ruin the World
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People don't realize that the world is falling apart because the resources that we are using and are not replaceable fast enough and is dangering the animals and humans.The result of this is Global Warming. Everyone is part of this and if we... (more »)
Haiyan: A Force To Reckon With
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“Daddy? I still long for you, daddy. I’m still waiting for that one tight hug from a father. Oh why did you have to be a seaman, daddy? Your only little girl misses you so much. So does mommy, daddy. When will you come back?” I remember... (more »)
Possible Power Crisis Solution
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The state of California has suffered many difficulties in recent years. Two of the major situations facing the state, as well as many other states and territories thorough the U.S. is high unemployment and low electrical supplies. I may have a... (more »)
The REAL Difference Between Nature and Human...
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If you were to ask people what the true difference was Between nature and the types of places that people generally inhabit and which for the sake of discussion we’ll call “human civilization”, What do you think they’d say, besides... (more »)
The Rainforests of Atsinanana This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The rainforests of Atsinanana are protected locations in Madagascar. Most wildlife found there is either: rare or endangered, distinct to Madagascar’s unique biosphere. The poaching and logging is putting a serious strain on the plant and animal... (more »)
Saving the Shores
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Going into the blue aquamarine means sand between your toes, salt water in your mouth and that aromatic sea air in your nose. The wind blows from east to west as the ocean tides rise and fall. We all agree that there is nothing compared to the... (more »)
Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or...
Although animal testing can seem cruel and unethical, animal testing has been proven to help with medical and scientific research. Medical and scientific research with the help of animal testing helps scientists with their understanding of certain... (more »)
Conserve, Not Splurge
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The ground shakes as the dilapidated tree crashes and meets its ominous final death. The seagull catches its last breath before it sinks into the oil that captured its family. The young girl lies in a hospital cot in a third-world country,... (more »)
Global Warming and Us
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We can see that the earth is getting warmer and warmer and it’s obvious in countries that encounter very hot temperatures in summer like Saudi Arabia. Some people thought that the increase in temperature was due to the extra heat generated by... (more »)
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