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Here are the most recent environment articles:

Is Global Warming a Hoax?
According to a piece of recent news, it may cost 22.1 trillion to 41.6 trillion between 2020 and 2025 in order to keep the average global warming under two degrees Celsius (Health Saving). The study shows that it may cost much in order to deal... (more »)
The Threat of Poaching in Africa
By , Wyckoff, NJ
Africa is home to many different species of wildlife. However, there is one conflict that continues to be a large threat to the environment. Animal poaching is when an animal is killed illegally. This will often occur because the animal... (more »)
California Wildfires
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California wildfires have been spreading non stop from 2017. The California wildfires started by humans who have started a fire of an sort and not put it out properly. When the wind blows, the hot amber might blow away and catch grass or any... (more »)
I'm Sorry
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To the inhabitants of the planet Earth 100 years from now… I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the planet is in ruins in the future because of what we humans did in the past. I’m sorry that the air you breathe is... (more »)
The Fate of Coral Reefs
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“Why?” he will ask, lowering his raised hand. His brow will furrow and his eyes will be wide with not only confusion, but the determination of a curious student to understand the answer. “Why did nobody stop it? Why did nobody... (more »)
Drilling in Alaska
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For 40 years, Alaska has been under serious debate. In 1980, the president, Jimmy Carter, signed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. This act protected over 157,000,000 acres from economic development such as oil drilling.... (more »)
Why Should People Carpool?
By , New Orleans, LA
According to statistics, the average American spends 40 hours a year stuck in traffic. If everyone carpooled once a week then they can reduce traffic by about 20%. This would make a noticeable change in our daily lives. A lot of people do not... (more »)
Cleaning Up Oil Spills
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Imagine an environment filled with oil on the beaches and in the oceans. All you see is a thick black motor or crude oil on the top of the ocean and all those animals in the sea are dying. They can't swim, fly, eat, breath. They will die... (more »)
My Sacred Place
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I wholeheartedly agree with philip lester in her artical my sacred place. I agree that humans destroy animals home for pointless stuff like malls. I also want to be a vet when I grow up, Ive alwsys had a bond with animals from snakes and ferrets... (more »)
Trump, Pruitt and the Waiting Wasps’ Nest
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Once I was camping with some friends and we were messing around near a wasps’ nest. I tried to warn my friends. One listened, but the other didn’t. Because he didn’t listen to me, he walked right into the nest and got 120 wasp stings. His... (more »)
The Truth About Global Warming
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“Global warming, is not a hoax or a conspiracy among scientists.”  Global warming has become more than just an environmental issue. Now, it is political. According to Pew Research Center, these “Polarized views... (more »)
Protect the National Parks!
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Donald Trump has begun stripping protective regulations off specific parts of national parks, leaving them up to developers to take. I understand that many people see the future of America in urbanization, but America is home to many species of... (more »)
Sacramento, My Home
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Sacramento is a beautiful clean place where there are many loving people.It also has a beautiful history also known as Old Sacramento this place has a beautiful piece of history.Sacramento has also have 3 good options of community college.Also... (more »)
Friendly Reminder
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In "Nights like these," Maeve B. reminds us about pollution, I found Maeve's article moving. Pollution has become far more significant to the environment in today's society and for what; for items we want and desire and not... (more »)
Glacial Melt
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A glacier is “a large mass of ice formed over many years that does not melt during the summer. Glaciers move slowly over an area of land such as a mountain valley.”(dictionary) Glacial melt is the un-natural rate of alpine glaciers... (more »)
Animal Testing
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Some companies test products on animals, like makeup, cleaners, etc. A big reason why cleaning products are tested on animals is to meet international legislative standards, and for the safety of the buyers of the product. This causes injuries... (more »)
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