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Most Recent Environment Articles

Here are the most recent environment articles:

Empty Tides
Swoosh, rolls a wave over the city. It’s inhabitants duck into their dwellings. The corals toss, then their inhabitants drift back out. The city reaches out as the sun fills the water. Swoosh, another wave rolls over. The atmosphere is... (more »)
Powering Tomorrow
Have you ever sat down and thought about your future? More importantly, the future of the generations behind you? Will they have the same freedoms as us? What will be the power source for the future, and only we can answer that. We hold the... (more »)
Magnificent World
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I stand on the rocky water edge gazing at the beautiful scene before me. Shadows cast down on the lake from the bright sun. Gigantic snow-capped mountains tower over the verdant green trees. Faint deer trails sink into the grass around the side... (more »)
Animal Abusers
By , Duluth, MN
Dear Animal Abusers, Animal cruelty has been in the world for a very long, sadly. I have seen animals being neglected, physically and verbally abused it is extremely scaring. Most people don’t think that verbal abuse can affect... (more »)
Under the Ocean
By , lewisvill, TX
There are many animal’s live under the immense amount of water we call, the Ocean.  Many different types of species we know, not know, and will soon discover are in the Ocean.  Sharks, dolphins, gold fish, whales are the... (more »)
Unplug Everything!!!
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There are things that one simple man cannot do alone: live forever, gain superpowers, and save the world. Wait! He can help with that last one. Maybe with some help of his friends he would be able to save the world. Right now, the world is one... (more »)
What It Feels Like To Be Alone
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Being alone is nice at times. when you long for peace and quiet. getting to think to your self with out anyone elses thoughts or opinions disturbing yours. when your alone you can do anything with out others critisizem. No ones opinion matters... (more »)
Mysterious Mantas This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The sinking sun reflected off the swirling water, painting surreal shades on its surface. A few strands of hair escaped from my braid and danced in the breeze. We waved as another boat filled with sunburned tourists sped by, heading back to... (more »)
Fracking Impacts This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Thick black smog shrouds the sky, encircling the town below. Daily accounts of black lung, pneumonia, and other serious medical conditions bombard the citizens, whose trust in the big boom of coal mining has quickly diminished, unlike the... (more »)
Peta Uncovered- Letter to Editor
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Dear Editor, I think you will find the following information to be eye opening and a great story to be published! It has to do with the torture animals happening right now in America inside of scientific labs. At this moment there are... (more »)
Think of the Future
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Our forests, the lungs of this planet, are being destroyed. Children, in poverty, are working long hours for little or no money at all. Orangutans are loosing their homes. And this is all in aid of one industry.   The palm oil... (more »)
Public Display of Affection
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This paper is about my opinion on public displays of affection. In this paper I will try to state some points from both sides of the argument. Depending on the person, each will feel differently about what is and is not acceptable as affection... (more »)
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A New Home for the Earth
Imagine being on top of a mountain.  The air cool, the landscape below lush with alpine trees, wolves prowling in the distance for their next prey.  A light snowfall begins to lightly dust the rocky terrain around you, the world seems... (more »)
Great Lakes Pollution
By , Middleville, MI
In the past, our Great Lakes have had some issues. But not as dire as the present conditions are. Some people believe that if we look into our future, we might see that the list will continue to grow. The once famous Great Lakes might not even... (more »)
Endangered Sharks
The worlds lowest population in the world is taken up by the creature that no one suspects it to be. They have always been seen as the most dangerous animal of the sea and are always known to be as the enemy in every movie they come out in.... (more »)
Tigers are seen in the media like they are big, fast, scary and oh yeah they have big sharp teeth that can bite people’s arm off as little as 5 seconds.    Many people are scared of the size of the tiger  because ... (more »)
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