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This I Believe
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I believe that the environment is where we and other creatures live. This is where we breath, eat, drink, and get energy from. So why are we destroying it? Over the incredibly small time, humans have been on Earth, half of all trees have... (more »)
102 Stories High
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    A big round of applause for Isabel L. for her artical "102 Stories High" because she expressed the feeling of being above everyone and feeling the wind in the air. I agree with Isabel to when she said that,"I prefer... (more »)
Live and let live This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Fifty six billion farm animals are killed in the United States each year. They are slaughtered mercilessly, taken away from their loved ones inhumanely, and cut down ruthlessly in pieces just for one simple reason – to feed us. Being a... (more »)
Global Warming
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I want to ask you whether you see both sides of a story. You should do the same when asked about climate change. Climate change is real. It has been real for a long time but have you ever thought, "we should make fossil fuels illegal?" To... (more »)
Go Green or Go Home
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Everything in the world has more than one purpose. This statement can be taken in multiple ways. The way I interpret this statement is that everything in the world can be reused. Things that can be used again are constantly being thrown away... (more »)
Why Salt Marshes Need to Be Saved
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Across the world, salt marshes are known to have a diverse community of wildlife and plants that provides an ecosystem for many organisms. A typical salt marsh is filled with finfish, algae, abundant grass, and a wide variety of insects, all... (more »)
Climate Change
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Politics, They make up our everyday life: from having the ability to go to the grocery store  and buy foods of our choice, to being able to vote or go to college. As told by a podcast I once listened to. Everything is political but not... (more »)
The American Nightmare
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Near the end of the 18th century, the industrialization replaced handmade goods and skilled craftsmen with machines powered by an endless amount of workers. As time progressed, the birth of machines allowed people to buy materials that they... (more »)
Getting Rid of GMOs
By , Grand Rapids, MI
GMO´s have been around for 30 years. They are in most of the fast food, candy ,fruits, vegetables and even the medicines that our doctors prescribe people With every single day. Most people aren't even aware of What Genetically... (more »)
Hazardous Waste
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We live at a day in age where unfinished bananas and half-emptied cartons of milk or chinese leftovers are thrown away. They are swallowed by the garbage can and that is the last we think of it. However, our waste doesn’t simply disappear.... (more »)
The Shadow of Patriarchy
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In a society where women are inferior to men, their bodies controlled by men, their actions carried to please a man, yields a breeding ground for the detrimental effects of overpopulation. In countries such as India, women are deprived of the... (more »)
A Proper Response to Natural Disasters
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In the past month, both domestic and international natural disasters have become seemingly regular occurrences. The recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as the earthquakes in Mexico and many other disasters, have put the affected... (more »)
Open Letter: Okeechobee Dairy Farm
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Okeechobee Dairy Farm 400 NW 5th St Okeechobee, FL RE: Animal cruelty problem To Whom it May Concern, This treatment of your animals is cruel and unjust, so I ask you to shut down this company and plead guilty to felony... (more »)
Global Warming Is Serious
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Dear Mr.Trump Why did you drop out of the paris climate agreement: Just why. Why do you want a bad life for your kid. Why are you a bad person. Why don't you care.hh I hope that if you read this, you will regret one of many... (more »)
The Effects Humans Have on Birds
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Birds are all around, whether you notice them or not, but they might not be any longer.  Every year more and more birds aren’t making it through migration. They are very important to the environment and humans are negatively... (more »)
The Reality of "Scientific" Whaling
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Commercial whaling devastated the world's biggest whale species. Nowadays it is still an issue that shouldn't be taken lightly. There are several reasons why this this horrific practice shouldn't happen. Various species of whales have been... (more »)
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