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Here are the most recent environment articles:

Not Very Amusing
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When someone talks about orcas you probably picture Seaworld. It seems as though it is the only amusement park featuring large water mammals in the U.S. The park has gone through much to cultivate this recognition and for good reason, it makes... (more »)
Retirement for Captive Orcas
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Being either captured or bred into captivity, orcas are not allowed any experience in their natural habitat. These situations cause shorter life spans and unnatural health problems for the orcas. These animals should not be put into captivity... (more »)
Renewable Energy vs. Nonrenewable Energy
By , Crested Butte, CO
Every day you probably watch TV, go one your phone, and ride in a vehicle. People need lots of energy to power their daily lives. Some of the things that use the most energy to power are airplanes and boats. Airplanes and boats currently use... (more »)
Cruel Enjoyment
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The opportunity of being able to witness wild animals in person is extraordinary. Curiosity guides our interests and motivation to go see these captive animals . It is a decision most do not think twice about and never wonder if it is really... (more »)
Orcas in Captivity Life
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Wild animals supposed to live in their natural habitat. A habitat that suffice their natural food, shelter, temperature and survival. By this, their mental health would not be affected.  It is like a person coming from a different country where... (more »)
Because It's Fun
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If you really think about it, What is the purpose of marine parks such as SeaWorld? What do we really get out of them, I mean besides the millions of dollars that the owners get, but what do we as a society really get out of it? Fun? Is... (more »)
Questioning Morality Over Humanity
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Whales that are held in captivity are an extremely controversial and subjective topic. Many people of different views will have a more conservative viewpoint and others may be more liberal. Using these whales for entertainment has both its pros... (more »)
An Orca’s Home
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The debate of whether an orcas should be in marine parks and aquariums is a hot topic in today’s society. We believe that these creatures are very similar to us and should be able to live their lives happily in the wild. We also believe... (more »)
Animal Abuse
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Animal abuse is an exteme choice in life  that can mess up a human and permanently damage the mind of an animal. In 2013 a study was done to find out if animal abusers, bullies, and victims of bullying experience the same behavioral... (more »)
All Living Beings Deserve the Best
By , Sacramento, CA
We humans tend to get lost in our own thoughts when trying to find a solution to a problem. It is difficult to determine if something is right or wrong when having to see things from multiple perspectives. What may seem like a good idea at the... (more »)
Animal Testing Is Unnecessary This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
Picture this, your home is a filthy, cramped cage surrounded by other cages. Every day you wake up to the screams and pained moans of prisoners as they are tortured in the name of science. You tremble because you are next. People in white lab... (more »)
Costco and Saving the World This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I grew up in a household with two parents, eight siblings, and one dog. Inevitably, I spent a lot of time inside the only grocery store that could fulfill my family’s needs: Costco. When we were young, my siblings and I treated Costco... (more »)
SeaWorld Says It Has to Keep Orcas in Captivity...
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Seaworld and other themed parks that hold either orcas, dolphins, and other animals is usually mistreating them. These animals are suffering every second they are being held captive. I do not believe these orcas or animals should be held... (more »)
Massacre of the Ocean
By , Rochester Hills, MI
When asked whether or not Seaworld and all oceanic animal parks should still be kept in business I believe that Seaworld must be dissolved because it not right to hold animals such as whales and dolphins in captivity. On average, the ocean is... (more »)
Freeing Tilly
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Upon the 2013 release of the documentary Blackfish, many people started to urge SeaWorld to release or retire the orca Tilikum because his basic necessities were not being met. In the movie, people can see that the orca’s confined living... (more »)
Orcas Deserve More Than a Bathtub
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For centuries, humans have domesticated animals from dogs and cats to monkeys and pigs. These house pets can be accustomed to human interaction and have learned to tolerate living under the care of their owner. It is important for pets to... (more »)
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