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What Our Country Can Learn from My Cousin's Experience

April 26, 2018
By Anonymous

My cousin named Haylie went through one of the toughest expertise a person can have. Can you Imagine walking over dead bodies, and seeing your own teachers on the ground. That is what my cousin Haylie had to do. Haylie is from Parkland, Florida and witnessed the school shooting with her own eyes. Haylie experencied 17 of her classmates/teachers dead after a student that was expelled from the school used an AK-15 to do this damage. I believe if the public didn’t have access to these type of weapons, shootings like this would not happen. In austriala there was a mass shooting of people in 1996. Since then in Australia there has been a crack down on guns, and Australia banned assault rifles. Since then, there has not been one mass shooting in Australia. Before 1996, there were over 200 mass shootings in Australia. Since the US didn’t learn from Australia’s fix, we should at least learn from Parkland. I think the US must make some kind of change to gun laws or any school in the United States can be the next Parkland, Florida

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