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Is Global Warming a Hoax?

April 17, 2018

According to a piece of recent news, it may cost 22.1 trillion to 41.6 trillion between 2020 and 2025 in order to keep the average global warming under two degrees Celsius (Health Saving). The study shows that it may cost much in order to deal with the issue of global warming in the future. Apparently, global warming is a serious issue which needs people’s attention. As a matter of fact, with the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, they tend to pay more attention to the changes in both environment and climate, which results in more and more discussions and studies on environmental protection and climate change. For instance, IPCC is established by World Meteorological Organization to analyze and pay attention to the climate change (“IPCC”).One of the essential and important issues climate change is the global warming. Different people may hold distinct opinions towards the topic of global warming. For example, scholar Cox and so on indicates that global warming is accelerating (Cox et al 184). Besides, as the mass citizen gradually pay attention to the global warming, some scholars indicate that the global warming is a hoax in that it is being exaggerated. The puzzling scenario of global warming is somewhat caused by the different opinions on climate change (Ashok ad Toshio 481). As a matter of fact, the global warming is a serious issue which threatens the advancement in economy, politics, and society. Overall, global warming is not an exaggerated threat in terms of its impact on global temperature, on the environments of humans and smog, and on Living things.

First of all, global warming has a great impact on the temperature of the globe, which impacts the ecological balance. As everyone knows, the seriousness of the global warming indicates that the globe becomes warmer than the past. One of the essential causes of the global warming is the greenhouse gases. According to Ramanathan, “The effect of the greenhouse gases on global warming is, in my opinion, the most important environmental issue facing the world today” (Ramanathan 36). Many factories and other economic or industrial organizations may disagree in that the economic and industrial development benefit the people greatly in providing them enough convenience. Obviously, the economic and industrial institutions fail to realize the fact that the burning of the fossil materials will emit greenhouse gases in large amount. Meanwhile, economic and industrial institutions also fail to pay enough attention to the effects of the greenhouse gases. Houghton says, “The next stage in the development of projections of climate change is to turn the emission profiles of greenhouse gases into greenhouse gas concentrations and then into radiative forcing”(Houghton 139). Houghton uses table to point out that one of the fundamental effects of the greenhouse gases is that they will lead to rising of global temperature. Moreover, Houghton also claims, “The first seven years of the 21st century were on average nearly 0.2-degree centigrade warmer than the last seven years of the twenty-first century” (Houghton 70). People should admit that the increasing extent of 0.2 degrees in a century is a not high rate, and that may also be an excuse for those who are claiming that global warming is a hoax. Nevertheless, the issue of global warming is not critical and objective in the short-term perspective. From the perspective of long-term development, the temperature of the globe, impacted by the global warming and the greenhouse gases, will increase stably and continuously though at a low rate. Houghton claims, “During the twentieth century observations show that the average sea level rose by about 20 cm, significant contributions come from the melting of glaciers.”(Houghton 176). He mainly explained negatively impact the ecological balance. The glaciers are important existence in the ecological system to maintain the balance. Besides, the glaciers store large amounts of the water resources on the globe. The rising temperature of the globe means that the glaciers will gradually melt and disappear since the glaciers should exist under relatively lower temperature, which may result in floods and the rising of the sea level. Therefore, the original balance of the ecological system is negatively affected. In addition, for the agricultural areas on the earth, especially the subtropical areas and the temperature zones, the four distinctive seasons are of great significance to maintaining the ecological balance for the normal production of many agricultural crops. The rising temperature will result in the long existence of the summer, and the short lasting of the winter, which will disturb the distinctive seasons, and thus threaten the ecological balance of the agriculture. As the result, global warming has the great effect of the environment and people’ daily lives.
Besides the increasing temperature, another phenomenon that is dramatically influenced by global warming and the greenhouse gases is the smog. The smog here refers to the haze which is a kind of air pollution and which has a negative impact on human health. Originally, people do not really pay enough attention to the existence of the smog in that they are not really good at distinguishing the natural fog and the polluted smog. Jenkins explains, “The mass media is the primary way in which the public gets its information about topics like global warming” (212). To some extent, the existence of the mass media increases the mass citizens’ awareness. Smil says, “Through mass media, the public turns to be aware of the climate change of the smog caused by global warming” (12). To be specific, the formation of the smog cannot be separated from the impact of global warming. The emission of the greenhouse gases leads to the rising of the global temperature. Under that circumstance, the temperature gap between the ocean and the mainland is reduced dramatically, and the low-temperature gap makes it hard for the frequency and high speed of the airflow. The smog cannot be blown off in a short time period. Smil claims, “The existence of much smog in the air threatens the health of the human beings.” (19). The ingredients and formation elements of the smog are complex, and the absorption of the smog in a long-term will cause illness in breath system and the cardiovascular system. As a consequence, the negative impact of the smog that threatens the health of human beings has to do with the global warming and the emission of the greenhouse gases.

Also, global warming significantly affects the environments of the mankind and living things. The natural environment on the earth is of great significance in that it provides the human beings and the living things with a place to survive. The issue of global warming is serious in that it negatively affects the living environment for mankind and other species. A great number of economists value the construction of the social environment. Darwall claims, “The modern industrial society is known as the only economic structure to have kept widening the gap between subsistence and people’s living standards”(89). Besides, the construction of the social and industrial environment is proved to be useful in that the construction does benefit the living standard of the people. Ramanathan explains, “However, the construction of the modern industrial society, though improving people’s living standards, increases the proportion of the greenhouse gases in the air and causes the global warming” (37). The natural environment of human beings is threatened by the construction of the social environment due to the seriousness of the global warming. On the one hand, the natural environment of the species other than humankind is hindered by global warming. Houghton says, “The area of perennial ice has been steadily decreasing since the satellite record began in 1979, at a rate of about 10% per decade. Such a dramatic loss has implications for ecology, climate and industry.”(178). For the species like the penguins or the white bears who can survive under the only cold weather, the global warming is a threat because they face the possibility of losing their living environment with cold weather. On the other hand, global warming also threatens the natural environment of human beings. Global warming will bring a large amount of hot energy, which offers the air and the high ocean energy to form the tornado, tsunami, typhoon, hurricane, and so on. The natural disaster will not only ruin the natural environment of human beings but also attack their security of life and property. Furthermore, the rising temperature implies that the moisture in the ocean and in the air will be absorbed by the high temperature. Without enough moisture in the air and in the land, the drought will come, the production amount of the crops will be reduced, and human beings will encounter the survival threat of food.

To sum up, the global temperature, climate change, and survival environment of living things are all negatively impacted by global warming, which implies that global warming is not a hoax. People argue the global warming is a hoax because the impact of the global warming on temperature, climate, and the environment currently does not really threaten the life of human beings dramatically at present, but global warming will cause negative impact sooner or later seen from its current increasing range. At present, the temperature is at a level which human beings can endure; the living environment is still proper for the survival of human beings and the other species. However, people should put on a long-term perspective to view the threat. From the perspective, the issue of global warming with its gradual seriousness will threaten the future environment of the globe. Besides, once the ecological balance is disturbed and the sea rises to a high level, human beings is hard to make up for the loss. Global warming is not only a term which has not to do with the hoax, but also a phenomenon which has been accelerating and becoming more and more serious in recent years (Cox et al. 185). To be concrete, global warming is closely related to the rising of the global temperature, which may lead to the melting glaciers and the destroying of the ecological balance on the earth. Global warming is also characterized by the smog which is a threat to the physical health of mankind. Moreover, global warming also has the possibility of damaging the natural environment where human beings and other species live. Taking the serious impacts of global warming into consideration, the issue of global warming is not exaggerated. The fact or discussion that global warming is not a hoax implies the necessity of paying attention to the issue and the importance to protect the climate and the environment. From the perspective of long-term development, the seriousness of global warming should arise the attention of human beings. Humans should recognize the acceleration of the global warming and pay attention to the possible impacts brought by global warming. Considering the possible impacts, human beings are necessary to take action to avoid more serious impacts. For instance, more studies and research on the causes and impacts of global warming should be made in order to find a proper and simple resolution to the issue. At the same time, appropriate actions should also be made in that the common efforts of the whole mankind will function greatly to avoid the more negative impact of global warming. Overall, the discussion on the fact that global warming is not a hoax implies the significance of the further studies and research on the reasons and influences of global warmings. With sufficient studies and actions, more likely that the issue of global warming can be improved and that human beings come to a new era when global warming is not serious and becomes a real hoax which does not harm to mankind and other living things.

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