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California Wildfires

April 13, 2018
By Acepulkauskas BRONZE, Redwood City, California
Acepulkauskas BRONZE, Redwood City, California
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California wildfires have been spreading non stop from 2017. The California wildfires started by humans who have started a fire of an sort and not put it out properly. When the wind blows, the hot amber might blow away and catch grass or any dead brush or plants on fire. Other small fires like from a BBQ of a fire pit the wind could blow the hot amber away on to some dry area and start a big fire in second. Most of the fires in America are caused by people. The percentage of fires caused by humans is 84 percent. People who were living in houses in LA had to evacuate most of the areas because the fires were unstoppable. During that period of time the fire was too big to put out quickly that caused many people’s houses, cars, money, clothes, jewelry, pets, and other valuable items in their life. Thankfully, most of the people affected by the wildfires got out of the fire zones in time.

How you can help people who are in need after the fires, is you can donate to the United Way of Ventura County by texting UWV to 41444. They will distribute the products that are collected from donors to different people. You can also donate to The American Red Cross of Ventura Country.  You can go to the website to make donations of different amounts.  You can also donate to the Salvation Army Ventura Corps. They are asking for donations of food and water to evacuees.  They are also accepting toys and clothing during the devastating fires during the holiday season.

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