Global Warming Is Serious

November 27, 2017
By Alex.B BRONZE, Richmond, Maryland
Alex.B BRONZE, Richmond, Maryland
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Dear Mr.Trump

Why did you drop out of the paris climate agreement: Just why. Why do you want a bad life for your kid. Why are you a bad person. Why don't you care.hh

I hope that if you read this, you will regret one of many decisions that you have made during your presidency: You can always fix a mistake.

Because you dropped out of this climate agreement, I will change your mind. Like I said you can always fix a mistake

About a year ago it was christmas. That christmas was a weird one. I wished for some snow but I got the exact opposite. On christmas day it was 75 degrees outside, that's write 75 degrees. That may just be some weird christmas but i believe that is from global warming. That year we got no snow. That year and that christmas, was a dry year.

Now let me get to the point. Mr.Trump I hope you will read this and I wish you will change your mind. You could ruin the world. This is not just you who could ruin the world, it involves other countries to join this treaty, we need change. We need the world to join into this agreement and make a change to the world. This could happen and it could start with you. You may think that this will cost a lot of money, and it will, but if we don't make a change this will cost even more money in the future.

Now you are probably thinking why should I listen to one complaint by a boy who knows nothing. This is a problem for everybody in the world and could affect everybody, including you Mr.Trump. Global warming is a serious problem and could destroy many lives on its way to destroying the world. Your son is part of one of the generations after you and could die because of global warming.

Heres what I need to happen. I need you and your fellow leaders of other countries to join this agreement. I need the world to really think about what's going on. I need change and it has to be soon. The earth depends on us. The earth needs us to help the next generation survive. This can all start with you mr trump and I hope you make the right decision.

-Alex B.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to make this piece after watching "The Day After Tommorrow" which I would recommend to everybody.

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