Animal Abuse

October 17, 2017
By zainab3 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
zainab3 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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I feel that animal abuse should be stopped and people who do this should be punished.


What are animals? Animals are beautiful god created creatures, well some people might not think so.What is abuse? Abuse is when someone or something are not treated the way they are not supposed to be treated. Now the real question is what is animal abuse and why do people feel that they do not need need to care for these animals.

Animal abuse is when an animal is treated badly and poorly. Animal abuse is a very important situation that needs to be stopped.Some people will see animal abuse on the newspaper or right in front of them,they would look and could not care less about it .People should open their eyes and see what is happening to these animals, is it because these animals are not theirs so they feel like they shouldn't do anything about it?.    


About 70 million pet dogs and 74.1 million pet cats are assaulted per minutes for an average of around 10 million a year.These animals could not purposely hurt human beings for no reason, besides what weapon would it use to attack a human apart from it claws and teeth.To begin with animals only attack when threatened or when they feel like they are threatened.

For years americans have had a proprietary relationship with nature, but when it comes to animals, we view some as property others for companions but we still have people abusing animals.

According to my research i have found that animal abuse is mainly caused at pet stores and some animal shelter .Most people who work at pet stores are only there for money, in other to prevent this there should be a series of test pertaining that the would use the appropriate and necessary equipment to care for the animals and to prevent neglect out of ignorance and apathy.

Now that you have heard my reasons and understand why i feel this should stop and understand why i feel this should be stopped and people who do it should be punished . I hope you to would take action into this and tell others about it.This animals should never have to go thru such punishement again.

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