The Reality of "Scientific" Whaling

November 20, 2017
By Nishan BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
Nishan BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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Commercial whaling devastated the world's biggest whale species. Nowadays it is still an issue that shouldn't be taken lightly. There are several reasons why this this horrific practice shouldn't happen. Various species of whales have been extinct and only 6 species are left. Althoughit has been banned by the IWC, Japan is given permission to do whaling practices for 'scientific research' but it is clear this is not the case. Whale hunting belongs to the past. All products obtaned from whales are replaceable nowadays and it is also scientifically proven that whale meat is not safe to eat. Therefore, whale hunting is completely senseless, immoral, and inhumane and it has to stop.


Commercial whaling began in the 1800's and ever since it has caused 7 out of the 13 species of whales to become extinct. All the ones that are left are endangered. This is not acceptable because these mammals are at the top of the food chain in the ocean. The biggest living creature in the world, the Blue Whale, can grow over 33 metres. Sadly, only 5,000 to 10,000 of these beautiful mammals are left in the world. The process of whaling is brutal. In order to kill the whale, a grenade is fired at their heads and death can be slow and painful.


In 1986 commercial whaling was banned under the IWC (International Whaling Commision). At its peak in 1964 Japan killed more than 24,000 whales in one year. Although it is banned now, Japan hunts 1,000 whales in one year for what it claims are 'scientific purposes'. Like Japan, Iceland also hunts for the same 'scientific; whaling programme. That is just idiotic because if they were to hunt for 'research, they can just use special small projectiles to gather samples of skin tissue and blubber from whales. The projectile only hits the skin of the whale and is far less devastating than an exploding harpoon, and most importantly this method would not kill the whale. Tis is not the only method, many whales are washed ashore each year and, so they can be used for examination. So, that excuse for whaling is illogical. It is no suprise that the only nations whaling for 'scientific' purposes are the ones most trying to use it for whale meat.  


So, we know why some countries continue do whaling by bending the rules of the IWC commision. But what ARE the reasons for whaling? Whaling is used for meat, oil, and other products, but mainly it is used for its meat. As I mentioned before, the research suggests that whale meat is not safe to eat at all. Inside the there is a toxic substance called mercury. the consumption of mercury can produce fatal effects on the nervous system, digestive and immune systems. The whale oil is widely use in oil lamps, soap, and margarine. Wjale oil can be replaced with oil patches and vegetable oil. So why still use whale oil? These are a few products but there are a lot more that are used from whales and most of them can be replaced by more sustainable resources.


Finally, it's very straightforward there is no need for whale hunting and is just a big waste of money. That money should be used for better things. We don't need to kill these innocent magnificent creatures just for the name of 'Science'. Whaling needs an end!


"If the oceans die, we die" - Paul Watson

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