Earth Is Becoming Plastic

November 13, 2017
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Earth will become plastic if we don’t stop. That said, there are a lot of theories supporting the fact that Earth is becoming more and more plastic. Basically, this is a really huge threat for Earth and it will keep growing excessively, and it will never stop, unless we do something about it.


Everyday people from every corner of the world throw plastic on the ground instead of throwing it in trash bins, or recycle bins. By doing that, plastic pollution increases on daily basis. That is a really dangerous practice because plastic is made out of petroleum, which is a really harmful substance for the environment. Plastic is also used for quite a short amount of time. That is also very bad as well because if people use plastic for a short amount of time, and then just throw it away, plastic pollution might grow even faster.

As per official data, there are roughly 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic which have been wasted until now. That weights the same as 1 billion elephants or 25,000 Empire States buildings. In other words, there is an enormous amount of plastic that has been wasted. Thus, if people would recycle it, then a lot of money could have been saved. Another fact points out that in the North Pacific ocean, there is more plastic than food. This has resulted in marine animals dying everyday because they mistake the plastic for food.

Plastic pollution can also affect a country's economy. If there is a lot of plastic pollution, nice places will lose their charm and people would not want to visit those places anymore. That would lead to a reduction in tourism. Less tourism would lead to less money and less money would eventually lead to a poorer country, both economically and culturally.

Dr. Ronald Geyer, a professor who lectures at University of Saskatchewan, has shared a very worthy opinion on plastic pollution: "We are rapidly heading towards 'Planet Plastic', and if we don't want to live on that kind of world then we may have to rethink how we use some materials, in particular plastic. The meaning of this quote is very straightforward: unless we disrupt our harmful practices, then plastic will soon prevail our planet, and if we don’t want that to happen, we shall reshape the way we use plastic.


China is one of the most plastic-polluted countries ever. Some other plastic-polluted places are the beaches in Albania, especially in Durres. That is really bad because summer is the only time when tourists can come to Albania, but if the beaches are polluted, then there will be way less tourists which will lead to Albania not being able to improve and become great, but it will lead to Albania becoming really poor.

Plastic pollution is one of the easiest pollution that you can prevent. By just adding more trash bins and recycle bins, plastic will be reused and it will not create pollution. This will give way to tourism in some places. Furthermore, it will also save money because there might be no need to make new plastic. Another way to prevent plastic pollution is by passing really strict laws about it. For instance, if an officer of the law notices a citizen polluting, then he must give the citizen a punishment, such as a fine that will cost him/her dearly. If a cop sees the same citizen do the same thing again, then they should give him a much severe fine.

In conclusion, Earth is becoming plastic faster than ever. People don’t use their trash bins and recycle bins, which leads to plastic pollution. Given that plastic is made out of petroleum, our environment will soon become devastated. There is a lot of plastic wasted, especially in the oceans. The aftermaths of the quantity wasted include not only environmental pollution but also dying animals.  Plastic pollution can affect a country's economy, just like it is doing in Albania right now.  If we do not take an appropriate course of action to prevent this, the Earth will be dominated by plastic and we will regret not having stopping it.  Eventually, in order for us to prevent plastic pollution, we must increase the awareness of this issue by promoting it in the media or using our trash bins more often.

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