Making Choices

October 18, 2017

We all have daily choices to make. Some are minor, some are life-changing, not so often fortunately . How do I decide? Can I make it any better?

Go with your gut. In other words, just be rational. Daily life choices like choosing which bread to buy just need you to go with your instinct.

Harder life choices , like buying a car, need a different way of thinking. Analyze the situation , put down pros and cons and most importantly , consider the long-term consequences. Is this the right time to buy a car? How is your budget? Do you have other priorities?

Don’t discuss it with people, unless you trust them. For example, does your hairstylist know what’s better for you? Before seeking someone's opinion, ask yourself if the person is really in a position to know what's best for you. If the answer is no, keep it to yourself. Actually, it’s better to find who was in the same situation before and got experience .

Never leave it up to chance. Choosing which dress to wear or which shoes to buy maybe, but other harder choices like leaving the country or choosing a career can never be chosen by luck !

In the end, I hope you the best of luck in your choices , wether life-changing or not, and always analyze , listen to what your gut says and never be bullied by someone !

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