Climate Change Can and Must Be Stopped

October 17, 2017
By sancjlopes BRONZE, Houston, Texas
sancjlopes BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Imagine yourself putting on gas mask hat stops you from breathing polluted air. Everyday you must put the mask on to go to school. The future can be a better place without Global Warming in our way. Climate change can be stop and must be stop because it is a big threat to farmers, it slowly rise the temperature,and sea level will start rising as well.

In fact, climate change can ruin our future generation very slowly. Former President Barack Obama stated that, “no challenge can pose a greater threat to future generations than climate change.”  Without great care to our planet Earth, our upcoming generations can face environmental problems. Not only that, life won’t get any easier with polluted air that we will start inhaling soon.

Due to climate change, farmers are having a hard time farming out in the fields. According to opposing viewpoints online collection, Gale 2017, “some areas well suited to farming might become too dry or too wet to support agriculture.” Without good agriculture we won’t be able to produce enough food or supplies. Economos says, “Climate change is already increasing crops diseases and pests. “Plants will start dying and farming will become more difficult.

Global Warming does not just hurt our agriculture, it can cause so much damage to our planet. Especially the rise of the sea level. The Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change predicted a sea level rise of 1.9 millimeter per year,from that year onward. Soon the sea level will be high enough to cause severe flooding, especially on the coastal area.

Although, us human are doing activities that cause climate change. Our sun is causing climate change, too. Without climate change, the planet will be too cold to support life. As can be seen Global Warming is a big problem. It causes the rise of the sea level, increases the temperature in our atmosphere, and a threat to our local farmers. Also Climate change can be stop and must be stop.

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