Global Waring Is a Threat to Mankind

October 17, 2017
By ThinhKha BRONZE, Houston, Texas
ThinhKha BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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While my dad drove me to school, I noticed a column of smoke billowing in the distance. As the car got closer, I was shocked. The column of smoke was coming from a factory, which was surrounded by a river filled with dead fish. For the first time, I saw what human activities could do to the environment; unfortunately, I later learned that there is more to it. Human activities can lead to Global Warming, or rise of worldwide temperature. Global Warming is a threat to mankind and it should be stopped before it leads to changes in the environment, the melting of ice and glacier, and stronger, more frequent natural disasters.


For instance, Global Warming is already affecting ecosystems and the biodiversity of organisms. Living things settle in areas where they can easily adapt to the environment. Sudden climate changes will make it harder for species to adapt to their environment, especially those with limited ranges. According to the article “global warming”, “Biologists have estimated that a warming of between 2.7 and 4.5o F (1.5 to 2.5o ) could put one-fifth to one-third of all animal and plant species at an increased risk of extinction.” This means if we do not take action, our children might not get to see animals nowadays like we did not get to see the Dodo Bird or the Wooly Mammoth.


In addition to changes in the environment, Global Warming can also lead to the melting of sea ice and glaciers. The melting of sea ice and glaciers around the world has committed to sea level rise. According to the article “global warming”, “paleoclimatic evidence suggests that an additional 3.6o F (2o C) of warming could cause complete melting of the Greenland ice sheet, which would cause sea level to rise an additional 20 feet (7 meters). Such an increase would submerge many islands and lowland regions.” Eventually, all the land would be submerged underwater.

Most important of all, Global Warming will have a major impact on the intensity of natural disasters. Coastal areas around the world could face severe flooding as a result of rise in sea level. Also, rising Tropical Ocean temperatures will affects the intensity of hurricanes. According to the article “global warming and climate change”, “Some of these effects were felt in 2012 when a superstorm known as Superstorm Sandy hit the eastern coast of the United States, and a typhoon in the Philippines claimed the lives of more than one thousand people.” “Some”, that means millions, even billions of lives will be lost if Global Warming becomes a reality!

It might seem that the current warming trend is part of a natural cycle, however, according to “global warming”, “Leading climate scientists now agree that rising concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere resulting from human activities are primarily responsible for rising temperatures and associated climate changes.” That means, we, as the inhabitants of this planet are responsible for stopping this crisis, so help out. According to Melissa Denchak, you can try to reduce water waste by take shorter showers or turn off the tap while you brushing your teeth. She also stated that you can speak up to make sure your representatives are making good decisions.Please help out, we need you, or Global Warming will destroy us all.

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