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October 17, 2017
By shortd BRONZE, Houston, Texas
shortd BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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 Have you ever wondered why the weather is so hot lately,or why it is so difficult to predict weather or climate change ? It is all because of global warming. Global warming is an environmental problem that causes gradual increase in the overall temperature of earth’s atmosphere. Global warming has a negative effect on the environment because it makes oceans more acidic, causes more frequent and severe weather and it causes higher wildlife extinction rates.

Consequently, global warming makes oceans more acidic. Oceans are getting more and more polluted because of some harmful gases that we humans emit like carbon monoxide from the exhaust of vehicles or  methane from industries. As Melissa Denchak,the author of the article “ Are the effects of global warming really that bad” goes on to explain “ The earth’s marine ecosystems are under pressure as a result of climate change. Oceans are becoming more acidic due in large part of their absorption of some of our excess emissions”. As our excess emissions continues, it poses a serious threat to underwater life.

As a result of global warming there are more frequent and severe weather. Severe weathers are becoming more frequent because of global warming.For example the recent set of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose, their wind power was increased by global warming. According to Melissa Denchak “higher temperatures are worsening many types of disasters including storms,heat waves,floods and drought. A warmer climate creates an atmosphere that can collect, retain and drop more water, changing weather patterns”. The higher the temperature is the more severe the weather will be.

In effect of global warming,It causes higher wildlife extinction rates. Global warming forces animals to move out of their habitat because of the high temperatures.As Melissa Denchak goes on to explain “As land and sea undergo rapid changes,the animals that inhabit them are doomed to disappear if they don’t adapt quickly enough”.Global warming is a serious threat to wildlife, they might come to an end if global warming does not stop.

In contrast some people think global warming has no effect on the environment.In addition global warming has a negative effect on the environment because it makes oceans more acidic, causes more frequent and severe weather and causes high wildlife extinction rates.they don’t just acknowledge these points because they manifest slowly. We must come together as a community to stop global warming unless the future environment will not be in bad conditions.

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The negative effects of global warming in our environment today

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