Animal Experimentation Should Be Banned

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Many believe animals are man’s best friend. But do scientists feel the same too? Apparently they believe animals are experiments to benefit our lives. Thousands of animals, even up to millions, are breeded into experimentation. They apply pain to these defenseless animals, which have no say to how they feel. Animal Experimentation should be banned because of the pain it causes, how it messes with their immune responses, and there are other ways to test medicine for the animal species.

In 1966, the government passed the Animal Welfare Act. The original intent of the Act was to regulate the use and care of animals in the laboratory setting. Even though the act was created for the benefit of these animals, there are still some animals who suffer. For example, in eye tests, scientists use a clamp to force open the eyes of rabbits while covering them in chemicals and other materials. Not to mention but also some animals are injured on purpose to test the healing products. Just like us as humans are given anesthesia for surgeries to avoid pain, animals in experimentation should be given the exact right as well. Also, little do these scientists known just as they are putting these testing chemicals in the animals bodies, they are messes with their immune responses.
Being given these “cures” for humans into these animals rearranges how their immune system affects them from how naturally it is supposed to react to an infection or anything else. Yet they fail to understand that. For example, with laboratory-bred mice have fewer memory T-cells than those brought up in the outside world. Memory T-cells are the parts of the immune-system that remember prior infections, thus enabling a rapid response if the agent which caused that infection is encountered again. With that in mind, we could not possibly test these types of “cures” on these mice because they, first, have a different natural response that again we are taking away keeping them in captivity. Lastly, there are different ways to avoid animal experimentation.

Scientists do not have to use animals for testing. They have Vitro testing which is testing done on human cells and tissues. Stem cell testing which is testing that can be done on human stem cells and etc. So there are other possibilities for our future as humans and we just need to remind our scientists of that.

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