Writing an Essay an Hour Before It's Due

September 13, 2017
By ttgoodson BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
ttgoodson BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Zoe M.'s article, "Writng an Essay an Hour Before It's Due" is completely relatable. I agree with her viewpoint because, as a high school stuudent who experiences procrastination on a daily basis, it is easily relatable. She quotes "procrastinators are often benefited by better decisions, increased creativity, fewer unnecessary tasks, and increased insight." from a study released by Ashton College. I find this agreeable because I believe, in most cases, when you push your brain that extra mile to create and generate creative ideas at a faster pace, you most often come up with your best ideas. You are actively putting in the work, producing thoughts on the spot directly from the most creative parts of your brain. You may not always be able to generate creativity, but you have the ability to draw that creativity from the things around you. Thank you, Zoe for sharing your views on procrastination and creating such a relatable article. 

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