The Greenhouse Effect

September 6, 2017

Have you ever heard someone say that Venus is Earth’s twin planet? Universally this phrase refers to the planets’ nearly equivalent size and masses. However, what most people don’t know, is that Earth isn’t too far from resembling the same planetary composition as Venus.

The lead- melting temperatures and acidic atmosphere of Venus is the result of the Greenhouse Effect. The Greenhouse Effect is the trapping of the sun’s heat in a planet’s atmosphere, caused by the accumulation of Greenhouse Gases in it. The continuity of the Greenhouse Effect has led Venus to its state, and the same may happen to Earth if efforts aren’t made to stop this problem.

The Greenhouse Effect on Earth is caused by the buildup of Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere. Of these Greenhouse Gases, the three most prominent are Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide. These harmful gases fuel the Greenhouse Effect to make our planet hotter and hotter, and lead Earth to a state like its twin.

A large portion of Greenhouse Gases are emitted through human activities.

Of the Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Dioxide is the most prominent in our atmosphere. While carbon dioxide is emitted naturally, most of the carbon dioxide in the air is the result of harmful human activity, like fossil fuel combustion, and deforestation. Human creations like natural gas and petroleum systems are major contributors of Methane. The use of synthetic fertilizers on soils create nitrous oxide in the air. In order to prevent the continuity of the Greenhouse Effect on Earth, we must stop, or contain the human activities that fuel it.

While most us don’t have the power to shut down gas stations and prevent all deforestation, there are still several measures you can take to save the Earth. For example, by recycling recyclable materials, you can prevent gases that form from them through the process of decomposition. Making sure to properly extinguish a fire after camping can help to prevent deforestation. In addition, you can choose to ride a bike over riding in a car, to reduce your carbon footprint. There are several actions you can take to help diminish the Greenhouse Effect; by just spreading the word, you are making a positive impact on our planet.

As the human population progresses through an era where human activities emit hazardous gases; our planet faces a new and rising problem: the Greenhouse Effect. It is time for us to take a stand against this threat to our planet.

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FlemingtonNJ said...
Sep. 10 at 10:59 pm
Great article loved reading it. You have covered great details in it
SrivastavaThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Sep. 11 at 7:34 am
Saanvi said...
Sep. 10 at 9:49 pm
Interesting article and very intriguing I learned lots from it it is worth taking time to read!
Shubhi said...
Sep. 10 at 8:32 pm
Great article !!
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