Kid's Again

March 18, 2009
By emogurl63092 BRONZE, Lafayette, Indiana
emogurl63092 BRONZE, Lafayette, Indiana
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Why can't we be kid's again?
Just like we used to be.
Life is just so hard these days.
I wish that they would see,
the pain we feel inside our hearts,
the happiness we strive.
If life is just some roller coaster,
I want off this ride!
Because there's poverty and divorce.
Drugs and alcohol.
These are just a few examples
of how we've lost control.
There's loneliness and heartache.
Murder and abuse.
I wish we could turn time around.
Give life a better use.
To make the world a better place.
To change the way we live.
Say sorry for mistakes we've made.
It's time we just forgive.
I wish we could be kids again,
just like we used to be.
It's time to change the world today.
It's time to be set free!

The author's comments:
This poem makes a lot of sense. When you are a child, everything seems to be perfect. You don't realize the things that really go on and happen in the world. Everybody wishes that they could go back to that sometimes. To be carefree. To not have to worry about getting raped or murdered. To not have to worry about going home to an alcoholic parent or an abusive family. The thing is that we ARE grown up now, and we DO know what is happening in our world. WE are the ones that need to do something about it though. Instead of always waiting for someone else to be the leader and make the first move. If we dont want OUR children to grow up in a society that we are living in now, we need to make a change!

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