Kid's Again

March 18, 2009
Why can't we be kid's again?
Just like we used to be.
Life is just so hard these days.
I wish that they would see,
the pain we feel inside our hearts,
the happiness we strive.
If life is just some roller coaster,
I want off this ride!
Because there's poverty and divorce.
Drugs and alcohol.
These are just a few examples
of how we've lost control.
There's loneliness and heartache.
Murder and abuse.
I wish we could turn time around.
Give life a better use.
To make the world a better place.
To change the way we live.
Say sorry for mistakes we've made.
It's time we just forgive.
I wish we could be kids again,
just like we used to be.
It's time to change the world today.
It's time to be set free!

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