March 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Hi my name is Gold T. Metal. I am 79 years old and like most of my friends I am a solid sport. I am also very calm, really it takes a very high amount of heat for me to reach my boiling point. I am not very defensive or reactive, well compared to the rest of my family.

I work as the most successful model in all of P.T.E. I am considered very beautiful by all the other elements because I both metallic and colorful. Unlike Copper (who can also be very beautiful), I do not dull or corrode. I am also so soft I can be finely polished just by rubbing. Many people tell me that I am very rare, and that’s why I am so valuable. Still I don’t if I can still model because how dense I am. I am a lot more dense than most of the elements but I am still less than Os or Ir.
I usually never go anywhere without my friends silver, quartz (SiO2), calcite (CaCO3), lead, tellurium, zinc and copper. We call our selves alloys. I can take a lot of heat and shocks from them and instead of getting mad I just let it go fast. I also do not tan at all so I can stay outside like for a long time. I am not dangerous and non-irritating. In fact I can even be used as a food decoration.
I have 18 children. Most of them aren’t very stable. The only that is stable and I know will have a very long life is 197. The rest of them are slowly decaying there lives with the way they live. 198 is the most dangerous from all of them, I tell everyone just to stay away from him, even I don’t want to be near him and his infectious ways.

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