March 10, 2009
By LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
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Environmental Pollution

Isn't the place hot here, there, everywhere?
Isn't the air dusty, smoky, smelly?
It isn’t me; it isn't you of course… WHY?

IT IS YOU; you made the place hot, the air bad. You made someone you love have skin cancer, and you don’t care. If you don’t care for mortal, human beings, then you care? For whom?!

WHY – WHY – WHY?!!!

Why do you throw waste in water, nuclear near? Litter there, air spray here?
Do you think am funky happy standing here in front of you, shouting out loud my voice to tell you that YOU MUST STOP? THEN WHY?

This isn't what we want for us, our parents, our kids, and our community.

We don’t need pesticides, air fresheners, sprays. We don’t need them. CFCs aren’t chlorofluorocarbons, they are Cancer Filled Cans. It is not Green House Effect, it is Greatly Heated Earth. And after all, you don’t live, you RIP, Rest In Pieces.

Nothing is left but today, now, choice; your choice.
So do something, for me, for everyone, for the world, and first of all: For YOU

Done by:
Little FF. Fox

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