Beer Cans In the Upper Peninsula

June 11, 2017
By Anonymous

About 4 times a year I go to the Upper Peninsula, also called the UP to spend time with my family with little or no electronics. Last time I went up, I noticed multiple beer cans scattered on the sides of the road from people passing by and throwing them out their cars. I find it harmful to the environment that people are throwing out their trash onto the side of the roads. Next time I go to the UP, I am hoping to pick up all the beer cans on the side of the road, with the help of my father. This would help keep the area clean and safe for the animals that live there.

The author's comments:

I hope that with this article it will inspire more teens to help clean up polluted places near them to keep a clean and healthy environment for ourselves and animals that live there. I hope for future generations not having to deal with piles of trash on the sides of roads, and for our world able to look nice and clean for many years to come.

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