How to Help the Environment

June 5, 2017
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For years, the world has changed. We have gone from riding horses to driving cars. From walking to taking the train to flying in the air. Transportation has greatly improved and people have traveled much farther distances and more frequently as the years have gone by. However, there will come a day when we run out of fuel to put in our cars, or we will have impacted the environment so much that further use of those fuels could destroy our way of life. It is imperative that a new source of energy is used to power our cars in the future. Solar power is a power that everyone has access to. It is free for anyone to use to power anything that they need.


There are already people who have solar panels on the tops of their houses, why not have them on top of cars? They would be able to absorb the sunlight at any time: whether they are parked or they’re moving, as long as they are in the sun. This will cut down dramatically on gas prices since it wouldn’t be necessary for this brand of car. Nobody would have to worry about gas money any longer. This ensures that we will not run out of power for our vehicles and that we will no longer damage the environment with exhaust.

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