June 4, 2017
By Anonymous

Pollution is one of the most talked about topics and is still one of the biggest problems we have in our world. Pollution can cause harmful impacts to  Earth, it can be a harmful factor in a person's life, and has a big impact on our animal population. Based on this, it is easy to tell that without pollution our lives would be much better.

First of all, pollution can cause very big problems involving global warming. Global warming is the increase of climate on Earth. Global warming is caused when pollutants and greenhouse gases collect the sunlight and trap it inside the atmosphere. Normally, sunlight would bounce off the Earth and exit into space. By reducing the amount of air pollution, we can reduce the number of greenhouse gases that are released. By doing this, the Sun’s rays would have no choice but to bounce off the Earth, and reduce the average temperature of the Earth. In summary, by reducing the amount of air pollution the world release, it will significantly reduce the number of greenhouse gases that are warming up and harming the Earth.

Second, pollution can be a very big impact on what we breathe and can make humans very sick. When air pollution is released, it sits in the atmosphere and combines with the air that we breathe. This gives humans no choice but to breathe in the air pollution. After we breathe in the harmful pollution, it can cause “several respiratory problems including asthma or lung cancer. Chest pain, congestion, throat inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease” . Finally, when water pollution is released, it can cause different rashes and illnesses when it comes in contact with your skin. In conclusion, pollution can be a harmful and sometimes fatal factor in our daily lives.

Furthermore, pollution can kill and injure many different animal species. For example, garbage patches in oceans can capture and trap different small and big marine animals. As they are trapped, they have not choice but to eat the garbage. The garbage they eat can injure them very badly when the garbage enters their bodies. For example, stated by Takepart, “There was a total of 44,006 incidents of individual animals across 395 species that had eaten plastic bits or been tangled in plastic rope or netting. Around 80 percent of the time, these encounters injured or killed the animal”. Just little amounts of pollution can take the lives of many different animals. This is why we need to reduce the pollution in our air and world.

Pollution is a big problem in our world. It can take the lives of humans and plants, along with hurting the environment that we live in. Although it can take a lot of work to fix it, it is worth the lives of thousands of humans and plants. Pollution is hard to reduce, but when reduced, it can save the lives of many organisms.

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