People Who Are Ignoring Global Warming Are Ignorant

June 1, 2017
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There is a major problem we have in the world it's about global warming ,more than 1 million species have gone extinct thanks to global warming and people not doing anything to solve and that people are ignoring the problem it. so I've found three reasons that proves that people are ignoring the problem.


My first reason is our present, President Trump is opening the coal mines for jobs, and that is going to create more Co2 in the Air. The U.S.A is declining from coal energy and using renewable energy sources This clearly means that trump is ignoring global warming and opening coals mines.The U.S.A is responsible for 80% of the amount of fossil fuels in the world and now trump is opening coal mines it will go higher.

US oil companies are ignoring climate change.”Us oil giants chevron and Exxon mobile avoided major insurrection” By keep mining for oil in the North Pole sonar radar and it causes whales and can and will kill whales.And also burning of the oil is causing the warming of the earth.Smaller companies like Shell are getting the message of global warming and are trying to do a low carbon energy. 


The government isn't funding enough money to the Science environmental “Federal support for higher education research and development is decreasing”They can't do major research about global warming if they don't have any money to do so”.The government is focusing on politics and not the health of the world global temperature is 14.8°C, the warmest in thousands of years. Level of CO2 in the atmosphere is 400 ppm, the highest in millions of years.


Sure you can say that global warming is the earth naturally heating but it's not true ever since the First Industrial Revolution in the 1800’s the earth have started warming and the ozone layer getting thinner because of how much Co2 was released by steam powered vehicles and coal mining.Ever since the early stages of WW2 people have been using more oil and that releases even more co2 in the air.And now in the 2000’s we are using fossils fuel for our power and even more Co2 is going in the Air now.


These are the three reasons why the people are ignoring global warming like the government and oil companies.The amounts of carbon dioxide in the air has risen 34% since the 17th century and we need to spread the effects of global warming to these money hungry oil companies and our ignorant government. 

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The author's comments:

People like the goverment need to stop ignoring global warming and foucas on making the world a better place  to live in 

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