No Kill Shelters

June 1, 2017
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How would you feel knowing that people were going to kill you because there is no space where you live? If cities and towns had enough space in their shelters then they wouldn’t have to kill the animals. Also, how would feel knowing you were going to be killed because you are too shy of a character and you’re too skinny. They’re shy because the dogs aren’t comfortable and their self around the shelter because they’re new to it. All around the United States there are  kill shelters killing innocent animals, such as, cats and dogs all over the world because cities and towns aren’t providing enough space in the shelters for millions of dogs. There is not enough space in the shelters for dogs and cats living there, with no home.

Why give up a dog’s life when they could’ve been a good pet and could’ve made a family tremendously happy? Why give up a cat’s life when they could’ve made a family full of joy? How come the owners of these shelters don’t give the animals a chance to be such great pets? They don’t give these animals a chance at all. For example, dogs are only at the shelters for 24 to 48 hours until they’re killed. They only give dogs only 1-2 days until they die. 2.7 million dogs and cats die each year from kill shelters just because there is no space for them in the shelters, so they have to kill them. 2.7 million dogs could’ve been  great pets to families and 2.7 million cats would have made great pets to families. However, the cities, towns, owners of the shelters made that opportunity go down and wasted millions of dogs and cats lives.

Do you know what a therapy dog is? A therapy dog is a loving “canine that might be trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with autism. Therapy dogs are usually not assistance or service dogs, but can be one of both with some organizations.” This is important because it helps millions of people in the U.S overcome physical and mental issues. It’s also good for emotion help and helping people with disabilities because dogs keep comfort and give affection. Unfortunately, in kill shelters the cities, towns and owners of these shelters don’t give these dogs an opportunity to be a therapy dog and help others overcome things. They don’t allow these dogs to give affection and comfort to people having a hard time and to people with disabilities. These people don’t give dogs a chance to help people that need them because sometimes dogs are the main thing they need to make them happy and to cure them from metal issues, physical issues, emotional support or anything. Also, therapy cats can help millions of people all around the U.S. Therapy cats help with relaxation and healing. However, kill shelters don’t give and don’t provide an opportunity for cats. For example, 7.6 million animals join shelters each year, approximately 3.9 of them are dogs and 3.4 million of them are cats. There is millions and millions of animals and they don’t even give half of them a chance to be a therapy dog, therapy cat, pet...etc just because cities and towns don’t provide enough space for these animals to live.

If you saw a stray dog on the street would you bring it to the vet or would you just leave it there and let it run away? When people don’t bring it to the vet or an animal shelter and let the dogs or cats run away then those animals find a different gender and make babies with them on the streets which makes more animals walk along the streets and more shelters pick them up. When they pick them up, more space is taken up in the shelter, which makes the shelters want to kill more and more animals. If you see stray animals on the streets bring them to the vet and have them get neutered because it prevents them from making babies. Preventing dogs to have more and more dogs is a good thing because then the shelters wouldn’t have to provide more and more space for the animals because then they would have to kill more animals and torture them. In North Carolina and surrounding states, they put cats and dogs in gas chambers and it lasts up to forty minutes, this process sometimes has to be repeated. Some shelters just put them to sleep. Do you want this for the animals? Do you want them to suffer in gas chambers just because there is not enough space in the shelters? Would you still let the stray animal just run away?

Other people believe that kill shelters are a good thing because of financial reasons, illness of owner, illness of dogs or cats...etc. For example, stray dogs and cats can spread disease fast, like a wildfire. In order to keep more animals safe, they have to kill the ones with diseases and sicknesses. If they have rabies, it can spread to humans, in which they have to kill the animal with the disease. 20,000 people have died and suffered from rabies, which is more than 35 percent of the global total, because of this, Americans agree on the idea of kill shelters. Some people agree on kill shelters because they can’t afford on more space in the shelters. Also, if dogs are vicious many people wouldn’t want a dog that is dangerous, therefore, they kill it. People agree on these shelters because they don’t want these dogs that can put other people's lives in danger. Many other people disagree on how kill shelters are good. Others believe kill shelters are bad and unnecessary. For example, if a dog is sick, they don’t have to kill them, they can’t treat them and cure them with medicine that is prescribed to the illness/disease. There is no reason to kill an animal, just because they’re sick. When humans are sick, people don’t put them in gas chambers, they cure them if they can. Animals deserve that too. Everyone who supports the no kill shelters should put in money to support these shelters with more space because animals deserve rights just as much as humans too. Kill shelters aren’t necessary if cats and dogs can be pets, therapy animals and much more.


Even though, kill shelters are tremendously bad and not necessary for the animals, people have different opinions about the shelters and think they are a good thing. Therefore, this idea may never work and may never happen. For this to come true, we need the government, cities, towns, and owners of the shelters to put in money and to help kill shelters shut down and to provide more space in the shelters, in order to not kill the animals. Animals deserve rights too.

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