Global Warming

June 1, 2017
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What if global warming was going on but there was nothing you could do to stop it? Global warming is happening all around the world. Although global warming is happening all around the world there is nothing you can do that will make an impact on the problem that is occurring. It's so small it's barely even able to notice that it is happening.

The first reason why most people think global warming is a big thing is because of how fast it is happening. What people don't realise is that global warming is not happening as quick as people think it is. Temperatures from all around the world do not support the theory that today's temperatures are dramatically changing. For example we still have cold months and freezing temperatures all around the world. People also may say that the temperature is changing like never before recently, false the world is barely changing in temperature if any, every year. The world might be barely warming although it is warming the temperature has not been making a difference in the regular daily life. Its proven that the earth's poles have been melting for over 150 years. People I feel don't put into proportion on how big the earth is and thinking that a group of people can make a difference on the whole entire earth by doing a few little things.

Another reason why we can't really do much to stop global warming is that we might not even be causing it. There has been proven facts that the sun might also be causing the earth to warm. There are times in the past 4 decades where the sun and climate move together. Also over the past hundred years there has been a steady increase in the number of sunspots, at the same time the earth has been getting warmer. If this is correct there is nothing we can do to even slow down this process of the earth naturally getting warmer. Recently in the past 5 years the earth has been rumored that the earth has been cooling the sunspots also all around the world has decreased in the past recent years which could also show that the sun may be causing global warming. It would help this theory even more because it would show when sun spots began to decrease the earth has started to cool.

As I have mentioned before the earth is warming but it's nearly impossible to stop global warming. To stop global warming it is basically impossible. Say there is 25 million people in the U.S. that are trying to stop global warming. Those 25 million might be helping themselves but just in the big proportion those 25 million people can't even make a miniscule difference on the world if any difference. There are 7.2 billion people in the world, and on the other side of the world is where the really where this problem is really occurring. Therefore when just the U.S. is trying to do something about global warming the other side of the world will still be doing the same as what they are doing now. Causing basically nothing to change at all. I personally feel that the earth is going threw stages, what i'm trying to say by that is that the earth may be in a warming stage. Almost about 12000 years ago the most recent ice age has ended, now periodically speaking the earth has been getting warming over those 12000 years but very gradually that now we just started to realize that the earth was warming. Now if the earth was in a warming stage I feel that the earth would also have cooling and other stages that it that it may go threw. If the earth really is warming it may be almost impossible for a man made change to happen.

Global warming is a argued topic all around the world and some people will state that global warming is a problem that can be solved. These people that do believe that if they try to stop using products that they feel affect global warming the most that it will make a big difference. I feel all of these people are just throwing their time away, by trying all these things to stop global warming in proportion to the world I feel that just a group of people can’t fix it. Most of these people believe that pollution is the main cause of global warming. The government will not get involved in this argument. What i'm trying to say by that is that they are not stopping or stepping and and closing down the main spots where pollution is at its high. Global warming will still be a continued problem all over the world.

Did your thoughts on global warming change at all? Or do you still believe different? In the first paragraph I talked about a lot of people may saw that global warming is happening very fast and it's not stopping, which is not true. I also stated in the second paragraph that we might not even be causing global warming. Eventually I said that it was nearly impossible to stop global warming. Even though global warming is happening all around the world there is nothing you can do that will make an impact on the problem that is occurring.

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