The Controversy of Zoos

May 21, 2017

Zoos are the seemingly educational and entertaining attractions that have recently been shown to have negative effects on the animals living there. Believe it or not, the small enclosures full of colorful wallpaper and little space tend to hurt zoo animals mentally and physically. Many visitors go for amusement and a learning environment but are unaware of the detrimental effects.

One of the reasons zoos are so popular is because of the wide variety of animals they have.  It’s argued that zoos help to protect animals, and although this is true in some cases, they overall do a poor job. Yes, they do take them out of the wilderness and to a safer habitat, but in reality they are taking them out of their natural habitat which can never be good for them. The more animals brought into captivity means that more are bred there, and PETA states that “it is nearly impossible to release captive bred animals … into the wild.” This shows how most animals who are taken in to be “saved” aren’t returned back to the wild but instead kept in their enclosures for entertainment purposes. (Dr Paul Dolman) For animals that are in zoos, it can be hard to provide for and support them all as it can be expensive and many zoos don’t have the funds for it.

Another argument made supporting zoos is that they help endangered animals. They can be given more nutrition and help which is true, but whether it really prepares them to be released back into the wild or helps to save their species is unclear. In the article Beyond the Zoo, the author explains that “most animals confined in zoos are not endangered nor are they being prepared for release”. (Di Lamont) This shows how that even with the money they receive, most isn’t going to benefit the animals there. Another source shows that around “94% die of poor environment”, so in this case it's not at the fault of the animals needing help but it's simply up to the zoo to provide for them.

In conclusion, zoos do not provide a safe and helpful environment for their animals. Putting wild animals in enclosures have negative affects on their behavior and health, and does not benefit them. The animals may be fun to go and see, but next time remember that there is more that goes on behind the scenes with the animals and putting them in zoo enclosures may not be helpful.

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