Climate Change

May 22, 2017
By , Dallas, TX

Our environment on Earth has been going under dramatic changes.  These changes in our environment are being mentioned in the news and through word of mouth.  However, there are people around the world who are unable to get hold of this information about their environment and how it can affect them.  Climate change is a topic that people need to know about in order for them to see the effects on their environment, their health, and their daily lives as people living on earth.


There have been severe physical changes to our environment.  For instance, the global sea levels have been on a rise.  The rate of change has increased by 3.4 mm per year since 1995 (NASA Goddard).  With the rise in sea levels, this can flood land that is being occupied by humans along the coasts of countries, displacing people from their homes, all from a change in their physical environment.  According to the article, Climate Central, “147 – 216 million people are foreshadowed to have homes below sea level by the end of the century (Climate Central 6).”  The loss of homes among people can be shown further by this statement, “By 2100, the global sea level will be at least 31 inches (IPCC 6).”  What causes these sea levels to rise is explained by a woman named Judith Curry who has a PHD at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  She claims, “The melting of the glaciers contributes to the rise of sea levels (Curry 7).”  The melting of the glaciers causes the oceans heat content and precipitation patterns to change.

People around the world should also be aware that climate change can affect agriculture and ways of farming.  These changes can negatively impact the way people gain food and money to sustain themselves and their families.  There have been “less rice fields due to warmer nights (Peng 2004, Tao 2008).”  There has also been an increase in wildfire activity because of the “increase in temperature and an earlier snowmelt (Westerling 2006).”  Another way that this change in climate can affects a person’s life is by decreasing their water supply.  This then leads to an increase in the creation of deserts.  These deserts are unable to support animals for farms.  (Soloman 2009, Morgan 2007).  These changes in everyday lifestyle for many people around the world could eventually lead to more people in poverty, since they are unable to sustain a farm with animals to support their income and their food supply.  So it is crucial that farmers are aware of this possible outcome that they may have to face, in order for them to plan for the unexpected.

Lastly, climate change can have a huge impact of humans’ health.  Doctors and nurses should be aware about climate change because it can affect their work as people in the health field, and even themselves or their family members.  It is proven by the CDC’s Climate and Health Program that climate change may cause, “Cholera, Cryptosporidiosis, Campylobacter, and Leptospirosis. (CDC Climate and Health Program).”  Climate change can also cause weather and air pollution illnesses.  Severe weather affects can be injuries, fatalities, and even mental health impacts.  Severe air pollution can cause asthma, and cardiovascular disease among a lot people.  This information was gathered from the Climate and Heath Program as well.

However, there have been positive effects from climate change.  Since our planet has been getting hotter in the passing years, the number of deaths of humans during the winter time has decreased.  The winters have not been as cold as they were a long time ago (HPA 2007).

In conclusion, a lot of people have very strong opinions about climate change, whether they believe it doesn’t exist or it does.  Aside from this, they need to be aware of their environment and its effects on their lives.  People around the world should be educated about this topic so that they have the chance to expect their future happenings, and prepare themselves for the world’s environment, lifestyle and health changes towards them.


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