The Need for Speed

May 2, 2017
By cam1599 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
cam1599 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Numbed from pain and fired up on performance-enhancing drugs, hundreds of racehorses die on the track every year from fractured legs, torn ligaments, and heart attacks. While steroids and the use of other drugs are banned in many sports industries such as the NFL, equine athletes are not protected from these potentially potent drugs. Racehorse owners will do anything to keep their thoroughbreds on the track, and some veterinarians will do anything to make money. While steroids can provide some health benefits for the horses, they are often misused on horses with an already natural talent and ability to race. If there is already natural talent, then why is it necessary to use a stimulant such as steroids? The answer lies in the greediness of trainers and owners to have their horses in the winner’s circle and earning money. However, as awareness about the terrible effects of steroids spreads, more and more people are unwilling to suppor the racehorse industry. If changes are not made soon, the horse racing world will continue to lose hundreds of thoroughbreds every year, and all due to the cost of entertainment.

The author's comments:

In English class we had to write an Issue Analysis paper focusing on major issues in today's society. My first thought was of the major use of steroids in the world of thoroughbreds and of the deadly side effects produced by them. A lot of people go to the race tracks for entertainment and to win money, but no one ever thinks about the consequences for the horses. I hope my article helps raise awareness of this often overlooked practice.

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