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April 2, 2017
By Bryan2001 BRONZE, New Hyde Park, New York
Bryan2001 BRONZE, New Hyde Park, New York
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Have you ever considered how your house receives electricity? How about the way your cars are able to drive? You might answer fossil fuels, in which you would be correct. However are you aware that these fuels are causing massive amounts of air pollution? Yes the burning of these fuels to power our cars and houses is causing the air to be more hazardous to us humans and animals. As bad as this sounds there can be a solution to this, and it’s simple: use alternative energy sources.


As stated previously, we are making the air we breathe slightly more poisonous every day by using fossil fuels that emit deadly fumes into the air. Unless this is resolved in the coming decades, some places like India and China who use greater amounts of fossil fuels could end up needing masks for their citizens so that they may be able to leave their homes or spend large sums of money trying to develop a way to remove the pollution. This can be easily prevented if countries would use alternative forms of energy. Some examples are hydro-electricity, wind power, and solar power. These all produce energy by using things that are already present in nature. Water, wind, and the sun, are all easily accessible in almost all areas of the world. As long as a country is able to fund the creation of hydro-electric plants, windmills, and solar panels they can start going green and allowing our air to get cleaner. This solves problems for buildings such as factories and other buildings but what about cars? That is also simple, people could purchase hybrid cars or fully electric cars so that their emissions are reduced. The government could encourage citizens to do so by offering financial benefits. These cars will also be using electricity that can be produced using the previously stated alternative energy sources.

In conclusion, our earth is in need of change. It requires that we change our ways of burning large amounts of fossil fuels into more greener ways such as hydro-electric or solar energy. If we don’t then possibly our futures if not our children’s futures will not be so bright with all the air pollution shadowing us. The solution is simple, with some funding it can be carried out and we could strive for that brighter future.

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