Life Hacks to Coping with Global Warming

March 28, 2017
By , Sacramento, CA

As you may know, global warming is a world-renowned epidemic that is affecting us all. According to National Geographic, the world’s global average surface temperature is getting hotter, ice is melting, the sea is rising, and adélie penguins and spruce trees are dying (“Global Warming Effects”). As you may also know, time is most essential to you as it helps you complete your life goals and progress towards aspirations, so it can be difficult at times mend the pain our planet is experiencing. So, in order to help you cope with the effects of global warming, I present to you daily life hacks to ease your life with global warming.

Life Hack #1

Due to the increase of the planet’s average temperature, I find it most essential to aid the planet in its process in cooling down. If all refrigerators are left open, the area surrounding each refrigerator could reach up to freezing temperatures as it could go 32-40 degrees Fahrenheit for a long period time. Think about it. Your refrigerator has lasted for years, and its cool temperatures have been held selfishly within its shell. As you get ready to leave for work in morning, think about having one less step and not having to use your time to open your refrigerator when you grab your orange juice to start your day since it is already open for you. In addition to easing your stress filled life, it will ease the emptiness of your wallet. Air conditioners use up to 1,800 kWh annually while the average refrigerator only uses up to 400 to 600 kWh (“How much Power”). Leaving your refrigerator open to cool your home is not only an ease in your time but also an ease on your electricity bill.

Life Hack #2

Another way to combat the effects of global warming is to move farther away from school/work. If you are experiencing negative comments about driving to school/work when you could slave away by walking or biking, moving farther away will give a better reason to use your personal vehicle. Though moving farther away from work will increase greenhouse gas emission from your car, it will save you time from being scolded by annoying environmentalists by having an valid excuse to drive to work instead of walking.

Life Hack #3

In addition to greenhouse gas emissions coming from cars, the large population of livestock, such as cows, pigs, and chicken, are also contributing to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to the Guardian, scientists state that eating less meat “would cut food-related emissions by 63%,” (Harvey) but in reality, how are we able to reduce greenhouse gas emission if the livestock are still alive. I propose that we should eat more meat. By doing so, it reduces the population of livestock and reduces their greenhouse gas emission. Also, if you think about it in more depth, vegans and vegetarians are the real killers. Their diet only consists of plant-based foods, and this contributes to the lack of CO2 being absorbed from the atmosphere. They kill plants, and by doing so, they are killing us. According to NASA,  “some crops and other plants may respond favorably to increased atmospheric CO2, growing more vigorously and using water more efficiently,” and If we stop the consumption of plants, the rise in population of plants will increase CO2 absorption (“A Blanket around the Earth”). Furthermore, since meat consumption in America is at an all-time high, it should not be difficult to cut back on plant-based foods and to find a restaurant that sells meat. This saves you time from choosing between a salad and meat for dinner after a long day at work.

Life Hack #4

If these life hacks and combatting the effects of global warming are still not worthy of your time, take the easiest route and accept global warming for its benefits. Global warming comes with positive effects that include the extinction of useless animals and the economic boom for the summer vacation industry.

In accordance with the decrease of breeding pairs of adélie penguins from 32,000 to 11,000 in 30 years, this is global warming doing work for the health of the planet (“Global Warming Effects”). Penguins have no use in society except for being flightless birds. In relation to usefulness of animals, due to twenty years of warmer summers, spruce bark beetles have been able to thrive in Alaska and have been able to chew up four million acres of spruce trees. This is a great alternative to deforestation and allows for man to take rest and let nature do their bidding. With deforestation, there can be more land for buildings that provide goods and services to the public.

With the rise of sea levels, all land will soon be only coastlines, and due to deforestation, there will be no worries in clearing the new coastlines for new beach homes. With no other land live on, people will become forced to live in beach homes, and the economic boom for summer vacation homes will be inevitable. In addition to summer homes, there will no longer be a use for coats, boots, jackets, and sweaters. This will save people money and save companies fabrics and resources.

This could possibly be the easiest life hack you could do to cope with global warming. Accept global warming for its benefits, and do what you do best. Do nothing, and relax in your new beach home in an endless summer while thinking about how much money you are saving.

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