Ocean Beauty Turned to Tragedy

March 11, 2017
By RebelQuinn BRONZE, Crosby, North Dakota
RebelQuinn BRONZE, Crosby, North Dakota
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Ocean pollution is a problem not only for the animals that rely on the water to live but also us as humans. Even if the pollution doesn’t affect us directly it affects the world as a whole. Plastic in the water washing up on beaches that once were filled with people swimming and playing in the sand now covered in too much filth. The filth includes plastic bottles, cans, shoes, toys, dead animals and much more garbage. Water and air are two main sources we need to live yet both are polluted. Even if we cant drink ocean water we don’t keep our fresh water sources clean either. We as humans take the easy way with everything. Even when a trash can is 5 feet away many people will try to toss their trash from where they are or just throw their trash on the ground, few people take the time to walk the five feet to the trash can. One polluted place affects the rest of the world. We need to protect our oceans. We need to protect our oceans and our Earth.

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