We Are Killing Ourselves!

October 6, 2016
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How do you feel knowing that your are killing yourself and the planet you live on?  For reasons such as driving your car, not throwing trash where it belongs, and not unplugging your charger when you are done using it. With all those examples the pollution we are creating will and is slowly killing us.

Pollution it is defined in the dictionary as “the action or process of making land, water, air, etc., dirty and not safe or suitable to use”(Webster). In other words let's use a painter as an example,if a he/she finds some left over paint and decides to throw it out outside to get rid of it and if it rains it can go underground to the water that we drink. This might be an example that I am using but it can and has happened before.

A easy way to avoid posing ourselves Is by being informed. There are special way of disposing chemicals. All you have to do is call a toll free number or go online to find out how. For example paint you just add cat litter mix it well and weight 1 hour then you can put it in a normal trash bag and throw it away like anything else(Lowes).

One of the biggest parts of our carbon footprint that we are leaving is the the amount of greenhouse gases that we are producing. In “2014 alone the U.S we have release 6,870 million metric tons of c02(carbon dioxide) with electricity playing a big role in that” (EPA). Now you might be wondering what can that possibly happen? We all the heat that is being trapped will soon melt the ice caps and lead to the polar bears, penguins, seals to be a things of the past. If all the ice melt “sea levels will rise up to 70 meters (230 ft) covering most of the coastal cities”(Amhs).  With easer acasable water companies will move in in search for oil and leading to an even bigger disruption  to those animals that were lucky enough to survive.

A easy way of avoiding that from happening is by unplugging instead of leaving your charger plugged in when you phone is not charging not only will it save the planet but it will save your wallet. Another way that you can help by is if you drive i now that those who live in a not so big city it might be harder not to use it but those of you that do live somewhere that stores are close to you or each other you can consider walking or even bicking. 

A huge part of the carbon footprint that we are leaving is the amount of waste that we are creating and leaving. The “US creates 4.3 pounds of waste per day and only half of that goes to landfills”(Duke) while i do believe that it is better for trash to be in a landfill then on the streets but there is a better place that it can go and it called a recycling center. Instead of burning it all and creating more c02 (carbon dioxide). You can send it there to be reused for something else it goes in as a plastic bottle and come out as a comb.

The matter of the fact is that the carbon footprint that we are creating can and will be the end of us if we do not change are ways. Despite those who believe that Global warming is one giant hoax the numbers don't lie we are having the hottest summers tempature is rising, and throwing trash in the water we drink is sure not going to help with anything.

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