March 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Recycling is a very important subject that the whole world should know about. You can recycle anything from paper to plastic bottles, but this essay will be about recycling paper and how important it is.

Recycling paper is something that every family can do; it is easy and not hard to learn about. It is as easy as throwing the paper into a little recycling bin. So, instead of throwing it into the garbage, which then it fills up landfills and causes pollution, you can put it a recycling bin and it gets used over and over again. When you recycle paper it means that then the government doesn't have to go and cut down more trees for more paper.

I did a survey and most American families do not recycle, which is a bad thing. These newspapers, school work, and etc. that people through away fills up landfills and causes pollution.

So, I really hope that this article has inspired more families to start recycling. Remember! You can recycle things like calendars, newspapers, left over school work that you don't need anymore, and many more!

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