We are ruinning the Earth

March 8, 2009
By Victoria Inglis BRONZE, Pomptain Plains, New Jersey
Victoria Inglis BRONZE, Pomptain Plains, New Jersey
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Every time you take a ride in your car instead of riding your bike you help to ruin the world. Every time you ride your car you admit pollution into the air. Pollution can cause many horrible things. It can create global warming; cause damage to our bodies and water pollution harm many animals.

For a long time people have been polluting earth, but we now have reason to believe pollution is causing the ozone layer over the Arctic and Antarctic to disintegrate, causing them to melt. If they melt many species, the penguin, leopard seal, polar bear and others, to go extinct. A few people will ask why it matters, but if the Arctic and Antarctic melt the water from in them will flow into the ocean and cause water levels to rise, which may cause flooding on coastlines. I, personally, do not want this to happen.

Nobody wants an unhealthy body, but we can get one just by breathing in pollution from they air. Every day we inhale pollutants into our body, but they do not just go away, they build up in our lungs. While they are in our lungs they damage our cells and can cause cancer, damage to our brain and nervous system, create birth defects, weaken our immune system, damage our reproductive systems and create a hormonal imbalance. These are very unpleasant things and I do not wish for them to happen to me.

Every day people dump things into rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water, but most people do not know they are harming animals with their pollutions. This can harm them in many ways. One-way is when an animal drinks contaminated water it can become very sick. Another is when too much salt is in the water from pollution, it can kill animals. Lastly sometimes mercury is dumped in the water and can cause abnormal behavior, slower growth and development, reduced reproduction, and death. These are a few of many things that will happen to animals if we continue to pollute the earth.

If pollution continues the earth will be a horrible place to live. The Arctic and Antarctic will melt and flood the coastline. More people will die of diseases, such as cancer, from air pollution. Animals will be sick from drinking contaminated water, too much salt, and mercury exposure. We must work to create a better tomorrow, because if we do not; our generation will be the one to suffer.

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